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15 Practical Gifts For The Kitchen Your Parents Will Actually Like

Buying gifts for your parents can be difficult. Everything they want, they have — and everything you think they might need, they tell you not to bother with. How many of us have heard something like, “Just having my children together is enough of a gift.” That may be true, but it’s still fun for them to open something from under the tree. Giving is what the holiday is all about, after all.

Kitchen gifts are always a win, because it’s often hard for people to upgrade what they already have. For example, it’s rare for someone to buy a new set of plates. And what would you buy first? New kitchen utensils or a brand new sweater? That spatula has seen better days, but surely a replacement could wait a few weeks.

It also helps that kitchen gadgets are often a lot of fun. Appliances range from quirky and functional to must-haves, and there’s always something out there that’ll inspire a smile. Plus, you can tag a secondary gift along with it — say, you buy your mom that KitchenAid mixer she always wanted, and add on a special weekend where the two of you can bake together.

Here are a few more practical ideas that will surely win your parents over.

1. Surprise Cake Kit ($29.99)

So Yummy

Color up their kitchen with these cake molds that’ll inspire your mom to apply for Last Cake Standing (or maybe Nailed It! if baking isn’t something she’s mastered just yet.)

2. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer ($80.99)


Having a vacuum sealer is the perfect way to make meats last even longer in the freezer. Plus, think of all the space they’ll save. (Also, have you ever vacuum-sealed anything before? It’s a lot of fun.)

3. A Big Granite Stock Pot ($49.99)


The possibilities are seriously endless with this. They could make soup! Stew! Chili! And so much more. At 34 quarts, your mom’s wildest cooking dreams can come true.

4. OXO Balloon Whisk ($9.99)


You’d assume that every whisk is the same, right?  Well, not really. Some do a better job without cramping up your hand. This whisk, which is under $10, is one of the best reviewed on Amazon, with five stars and almost 900 customer raves.

5. Glass Storage Containers ($29.99)


Do your parents have a cabinet filled with mismatched disposable container lids? So many of us do. Many times, the lids warp in the dishwasher, but we still hold onto them for some reason. Give your parents the gift of starting fresh with a new glass set.

6. The So Yummy Essentials Kit ($24.99)

So Yummy

If your parents like to bake, this kit is simply perfect — it includes a Miracle Mat, which they can use instead of parchment paper, and a silicone spoonula to help make baking cookies even easier.

7. Vitamix ($299.95)


If you have some serious cash to drop (or just want to make this year especially memorable for your dear old mom and dad), why not get them a Vitamix? Yes, it’s a blender — but it can also make hot soup and ice cream. Plus, it’s super easy to clean.

8. Mini Prep Bowls ($20.80)


If your parents love preparing all of their ingredients beforehand, these mini prep bowls will be the perfect gift. These, in particular, will also add a bit of color to their kitchen.

9. Chef’n Craft Coffee Brewing Kit ($73.62)


It’s possible that mom and dad were the ones who introduced you to coffee in the first place — that is, as a young adult. If they dig caffeine, but aren’t really down with Keurig, you can thank them with this coffee brewer. It’s especially good if they’re fond of cold brew.

10. Decorative Paper Towel Holder ($35.15)

Who says that your paper towel holder needs to be boring? This functional gift will help add some life to mom and dad’s countertop. (And if they like birds, even better!)

11. Cookbook Bundle ($33.98)

So Yummy

What’s more practical than a cookbook? Surprise your parents with something to add to their collection. This bundle includes the Unforgettable Cakes and Chocolate Dreams cookbooks, both which will lead to some very yummy desserts.

12. A Personalized Cutting Board ($40)


Any sort of cutting board would be a good gift — they’re the perfect way to save your countertops from unnecessary wear and tear. But this one can have a special message on it to make it even more of a special holiday present.

13. French Style Rolling Pin ($49.99)


Your parents might have an ordinary rolling pin that they’ve never thought about upgrading. Why not help them out with that? This fancy, solid wood rolling pin will add class to any kitchen.

14. Vintage Cake Stand ($13.59)

So Yummy

Know who’d really appreciate this blast from the past? Your mom and dad. Let them display their cakes proudly with this gorgeous, lightweight cake stand.

15. Russell Hobbs Salt & Pepper Mill ($39.99)


If your parents have ever subscribed to a service like Blue Apron, they know that having salt and pepper in the house is somewhat crucial. Not only do these grinders look incredible in the kitchen, but they dispense salt and pepper at the touch of a button. They’re also available in four colors, which is a step above your standard grinders.