30 Gross Food Combinations You Probably Thought Were Normal Growing Up

January 16, 2019

Kids are experimental when it comes to their food. Sure, they can be picky eaters — but how picky can they be if they eat Play-Doh and paste, right? As kids, we sometimes mashed two foods together that should never be on the same plate. Sometimes it works and the combo sticks with us as we enter adulthood… and other times it makes us hurl our guts out. But we tried it, nonetheless. With this in mind, we scoured the internet to find the weird food combos people loved as kids and thought were the norm until a friend told them, Ew no.

Perhaps it’s our innocent curiosity, or maybe it’s just a lack of knowledge that makes us think we can eat Hot Cheetos and cream cheese, or French fries and apple sauce.

Whatever “it” is, it makes us eat some whacky things — but thankfully not whacky enough to thwart us from living to tell the tale.

Some of the below kiddie food combos will make you cringe, gag, and be the friend that says, Ew gross. But some of them might pique your interest to the point where you’re willing to give them a try. Hey, we won’t tell. Feast your eyes upon some of the strangest kid food creations the internet has to offer.

1. Oatmeal Cookies and Garlic Sausage

One Redditor asked his fellow users what their favorite weird food combos are. “The bachelor’s treat” does not sound that sweet, if you catch our drift.

2. Hot Cheetos and Cream Cheese

One Refinery29 staffer said that, in middle school, her entire grade used to layer Hot Cheetos onto their bagels and cream cheese. “Except it was actually delicious and not just one of those things you tolerated because that’s what every other 12-year-old was doing,” she wrote.

“Something about the spicy, crunchy chips and the smooth cream cheese just works.”

The staffer said that they then moved on to dipping Hot Cheetos in cream cheese, ditching the bagel altogether.

3. Hot Dogs in Applesauce

A Spoon University contributor asked their fellow Virginia Tech classmates about some of the weirdest food combos they loved as kids.

One said that they would cut up hot dogs, put them in applesauce, and down the concoction by the spoonful.

Honestly, the salty-sweet mashup doesn’t sound that bad — but it’s still weird, to say the least.

4. Provolone Cheese and Peanut Butter

Ahem — I, the author, used to eat this combo religiously up until the fateful day it made me sick. And thank goodness that day happened. It was a habit I needed to kick.

5. Cool Whip and Peanut Butter

It sounds like this Redditor still appreciates this combo. We’re not too sure our stomachs would feel the same.

6. French Fries Dipped in Apple Sauce

Specifically, Ore-Ida Crispers.

“I’ve never felt a compulsive need to do this with any other type of fry, and I don’t really eat applesauce unless it’s with Crispers.” This Refinery29 staffer thought dipping French fries in applesauce was the norm until their high school friend gave them an odd look across the dinner table one night.

7. Grilled Cheese and Chocolate Chips

Another Virginia Tech student put chocolate chips inside their grilled cheese sandwiches. Perhaps with the right cheese, this combo would taste decadent rather than dismal, but we’re just not buying it as of right now.

8. Avocados, Ice, and Condensed Milk

In this BuzzFeed video, Kenneth shows us how his mom used to whip up a cold soup of avocado, ice, and condensed milk. It’s apparently a Filipino treat, and honestly, we’d 100% give it a shot.

9. Ketchup on White Rice

Tan from BuzzFeed used to indulge in ketchup and white rice as a kid.

“Sure, there are better-tasting things in the world, technically, but this is just really comforting for me,” Tan confessed. Understandable.

10. Banana Bread and Cheese

A Refinery29 staffer admitted that she put cheese on a piece of her grandmother’s freshly baked banana bread and found the combo delicious.

11. Rice and Peanut Butter

Honestly, we’d take ketchup on white rice over peanut butter on rice any day. We’re not sure how this combination made this Reddit user’s stomach feel better, but we’re glad they have an iron gut.

12. Ketchup/A.1. Steak Sauce on Noodles

Yet another Virginia Tech student confessed to this weird combo — they’d put either ketchup or A.1. Steak Sauce on plain pasta. Perhaps if you’re in a pinch, either condiment would work as a makeshift sauce.

But… it’s kind of gross to think about slurping A.1. and spaghetti.

13. Honey on Omelettes

“I just love the mix of savory and sweet,” one Refinery29 staffer said about the combination, which was actually their great-grandmother’s go-to mashup.

Since first eating it as a kid, the staffer says they can’t go back.

14. Cake and Milk

We definitely don’t mind washing down a slice of cake with a glass of ice-cold milk. But doesn’t mixing them together just create a soggy, gag reflex-inducing mess?

15. Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ranch Dressing

We get that ranch dressing goes great on everything. But chocolate chip cookies? Um… no thanks.

16. Olives and Cream Cheese

“I’ve always loved cream cheese and olive sandwiches (on toasted white bread, of course) since I was little,” a Refinery29 staffer said. Their grandmother and mother would add sliced green olives to their bagels and cream cheese, which supposedly makes the perfect salty, creamy, crispy snack.

17. Peanut Butter and Mayo

The peanut butter and mayo sandwich is a Southern delicacy that reportedly got its start during the Great Depression. Some people who ate this combo as a kid still only eat their peanut butter with mayo slathered on top.

Nostalgic? Maybe. Gross? Yeah, definitely.

18. An Entire Dinner in Jell-O

If you grew up in the middle of the 20th century, you’re probably familiar with the famous Jell-O mold dinners. Basically, one would put everything on the dinner table and entrap it gelatin. No, this is not normal and never will be.

19. Strawberry Jam and Sour Cream

Did this person mean cream cheese? Does sour cream belong on a sandwich? We’re so confused…

20. Popcorn and Ketchup

We can see maybe putting hot sauce or Sriracha on popcorn, or even caramel corn. But regular old ketchup? We’ll just take butter and salt, thanks.

21. Cereal and Orange Juice

Kellogg ran a survey in 2015 that revealed that one-fifth of Americans use orange juice in their morning cereal rather than milk. Call in the feds. This is a full-on crisis.

22. Butter and Sugar

Butter and sugar sandwiches were and are still supposedly treats among Irish youth. Although they’re horrible for you, butter and sugar sandwiches were prime after-school snacks.

23. Peanut Butter and Pickles

Again, we have a strange combo that involves peanut butter. This one is also supposedly well-known throughout America, although eaten by a rare few. Vinegary, briny pickles teamed with salty, creamy peanut butter? Hm…we’re not buying it.

24. Cheetos and Milk

We never thought we would have to say this but, guys — Cheetos are not cereal. Stop eating them with milk like they’re Cocoa Puffs. Enough!

25. Cheese and Nuts

This honestly sounds like a lot of work. The flavor can’t be that bad — however, we’d rather just eat cheese and nuts separately.

26. Peanuts and Coke

This is very much so ~a thing~ in the Southern states. We actually did a whole report on the origins of peanuts in Coke and why it has stuck around for so long.

27. Grapes and Cheese Nips

A “[poor man’s] cheese and wine” night done right. Honestly, grapes and Cheese Nips doesn’t sound bad. We just know that you, and we, deserve better.

28. Apple Pie and Cheese

Some people won’t eat their apple pie without cheese. This is yet another bizarre American tradition that was birthed centuries ago, and has many variations to it, such as cheese being melted into the crust, or served cold atop the pie slice like ice cream.

29. Peanut Butter and Hamburger

People seemingly love the taste of peanut butter slathered on a bacon burger. Perhaps they’re channeling the classic Elvis fave: peanut butter-bacon-banana sandwich. Or, perhaps, they confused the peanut butter for ketchup and decided it was an okay mashup.

30. Grapes and Curry

Note the “account deleted.” They knew this combo was too gross and quickly decided to delete their identity on the site.

These food combinations have made us a bit queasy. Pardon us while we chug a glass of good old bland water.