There Is A Secret Cheez-It Bunker Somewhere In The World

Cheez-It Just Revealed That They’ve Hidden A Bunch Of Their Crackers In A Secret Bunker

If your idea of relaxation includes hiding in a secret bunker with a television and a year’s supply of Cheez-Its, well, you may want to read a little further. The famous snack cracker just admitted that they’ve embarked on a project that’s almost too unreal to believe.

It’s all focused around the most recent addition to the Cheez-It lineup. Called Cheez-It Snap’d, the new product is thin and crispy with a curve that makes them nearly addictive. According to Food & Wine, the company was actually a little nervous after seeing the product fly off the shelves. What if this causes a cheese shortage? What if someone never gets the chance to taste their delicious new snack because of it?

So, here’s what they did. They hid a bunch of the Cheez-It Snap’d crackers in a bunker.

“Our fans love a great snack and Cheez-It Snap’d offers them a completely new experience,” Jeff Delonis, the senior director of marketing for Cheez-It, said in the press release.

“The exact coordinates of the Snap’d bunker are a secret – it might be tucked away in a cheese cave, an old cellar, or a retired subway tunnel,” their press release continued. So, sound the alarms. There are bags of Cheez-It Snap’d crackers hiding somewhere, uneaten.

So, if you really like Cheez-Its and happen to have a big sense of adventure? This is just for you.

The next question you probably have is, “How do I find this delicious bunker?” Well, that’s the easy part. Just follow the Cheez-It Twitter account.

Starting on May 14th, they’ll be giving out clues. But, here’s a big one — it looks like it may be somewhere in New York, judging by their terms and conditions.

Side note. How cute is it that Cheez-It uses “grate” instead of “great”? They’re dedicated to their cheese, that’s for sure.

So, bummer for those who aren’t in New York. But still, maybe the scavenger hunt would be worth the trip. If you have relatives there, even better!

Can you imagine being the person who finds it first? This is bound to be a pretty tense competition.

If this is the first time you’ve even heard of Cheez-It Snap’d, you’re not alone. The product seemed to sneak by in the beginning of the year.

They currently come in four flavors. You can choose between Double Cheese, Cheddar Sour Cream & Onion, White Cheddar & Bacon, and Jalapeno Jack.

I’m betting all four varieties are hiding out in the bunker. That means that in terms of snacking, you’ll never get bored.

Of course, it’d also be great if there were other Cheez-It varieties hanging out in there too. Especially Scrabble Cheez-It, in case you want to work on your game strategy.

But in all honesty, it seems like the Cheez-It Snap’d crackers are getting the highest praise of all.

The brand has always been popular, but these are next-level, and are reportedly one of the best snacks for television marathons.

And honestly? Every single flavor looks appealing. Oftentimes, there’s always one or two bizarre flavors that bring down the entire line.

It seems like Cheez-It honestly spent a lot of time perfecting each and every flavor. And fans are all about it.

Thus, the treasure hunt seems like a dream come true. The big question is, how much is a year’s supply, really?

Because much like potato chips, once you pop open a Cheez-It box, it’s tough to stop. And since these Snap’d flavors better resemble a potato chip, they can be incredibly dangerous.

Remember, if you want to participate in the hunt, just start paying attention on May 14th. Even though it’s also cool to just add Cheez-It now, because their account is pretty funny.

Even if you’ll be watching this competition from a distance, it’ll still be fun to say you participated. Once this bunker is uncovered, it’ll be a blast to see what other surprises Cheez-It has in store for the winner.