Toy Story Land Has The Best Disney Menu, Hands Down

Toy Story Land Has The Best Disney Menu, Hands Down

Oh, to be a kid again. Even hearing the words “Disney World” brings back memories of being a kid, so unbelievably excited to meet Minnie Mouse and Ariel. It was a time of pure happiness, walking through a world of my favorite movies and characters, rides and treats, all in one place to entertain me. ME! The world’s greatest parents award definitely goes to my mom and dad because clearly they made all this happen JUST.FOR.ME. If you’re still a Disney fanatic who is willing to travel to the parks, do we have news for you. There is a new attraction coming to Florida’s Disney World: Toy Story Land!

Whether you’ve only seen the classic Toy Story (which was released in 1995 — feel old yet?), or have been a die hard fan for all FIVE of those masterpieces, nostalgia is at an all time as we inch closer to the June 30th opening of Toy Story Land at Disney World. Beyond the obvious main attractions (rides like the Slinky Dog Dash, Alien Swinging Saucers), and a guaranteed epic performance by our favorite Wheezy Penguin, we want to highlight a very, very important part of Toy Story Land. THE FOOD. So when you’re done feeling miniature like one of Andy’s toys (because the layout features over-sized rides and characters), take a break and refuel.


Woody’s Lunchbox Restaurant has the right idea, catering to the only way into my heart: through food, obviously. With concept development from the Flavor Lab, they are bringing us classic American sandwiches and sides with a modern twist. They’ll be open and serving dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner from a casual walk-up window for quick service.

Must-have breakfast options include a s’mores French toast sandwich, raspberry (or hazelnut) lunch box tarts and a breakfast bowl filled with potato barrels (tots), brisket, country gravy and eggs. My mouth is already watering. For lunch/dinner, be sure to try their BBQ brisket melt or Monte Cristo sandwich with raspberry jam! And don’t ever forget to add a side of totchos (tater tot nachos) *stomach growls*. While they are featuring these twists on classic dishes, you can still order a simple grilled cheese sandwich if that’s what you fancy at the moment — and they’ve even added some healthy options to the menu as well (indulge in a smoked turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato on multi-grain bread).

S'more French toast sandwich
Totchos (tater tot nachos)
Raspberry (or hazelnut) lunch box tart

Aside from the yummy foods being featured, what better way to quench your thirst than with a soda float or a mystic portal punch? Alien sipper optional. And for the adults dealing with hyper-active children after a sugar rush, they will also offer beer, hard cider and grown up lemonade cocktails so you can get through the rest of the day sane. And rest assured that all of these delicious options are available with the Disney Dining Plan, in case you and the family planned on  saving some extra money with your vacation package!

Mystic portal punch (Powerade mountain berry with lemon-lime & tangerine)
Soda floats

And while you’re there, indulge in some Harry & Meghan Royal Wedding memorabilia if they have any left over. Because why not? But if you happen to be on the other side of the country at Disney LAND, just know that the West Coast indulgence is in the form of Avengers Infinity gauntlet cups. Bottom line, give into your happiness and reach in them pockets.