The Chocolate Bunny Is A Benedict Cumberbatch Easter Treat

Someone Created A Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch Easter Bunny, And Yes, We’re Very Scared

2019 is shaping up to be a bizarro year. A U.K. chocolate company has released a *unique* chocolate bunny just in time for Easter. It’s called the “Chocolate Cumberbunny,” and yes, you guessed it — the thing has the face of actor Benedict Cumberbatch. Hoo boy.

Created by Chocolatician, a chocolatier that specializes in “the art, science, & magic of chocolate,” as their slogan claims, the Chocolate Cumberbunny is a handmade Belgian chocolate rabbit that weighs in at 400 grams and costs a whopping  £39.95 ($52.11). The Chocolatician website also notes that each Chocolate Cumberbunny boasts “a handsome face and a tasty bottom.” Nice.

You can have your Cumberbunny one of three ways. He — erm, it — comes in milk, dark, or limited-edition white chocolate. The milk and dark chocolate varieties are coated in gold or bronze luster dust. And the white chocolate Cumberbunny comes accessorized with a 22-carat gold bowtie, because we all know that Cumberbatch is a classy gent.

Why wouldn’t his chocolate rabbit counterpart be the same?

“He will spring from his white warren box with a beautiful orange ribbon and sealed in a cellophane bag for freshness,” the site reads. Sorry, but we don’t like the visual we’re getting of this thing “springing.”

Listen, you clicked on this page. We didn’t force you into viewing this nightmare fuel.

Chocolatician /

Holy Easter Bunny. This is truly the most haunting image we have yet to see this year:

Chocolatician /

These guys have actually been around for the past few years. But with the Easter season just ahead, the Cumberbunnies are coming back to the mainstream.

Here they are getting dolled up and ready to ship out.

It’s only a matter of time before gold-dusted Cumberbunnies replace the Oscar statues.

This is… so sensual. It’s almost NSFW.

If Benedict Cumberbatch isn’t your boo of choice, the Chocolatician also makes a Chocolate Gosling. It’s a chocolate duck with Ryan Gosling’s mug, and it’s pretty terrifying.

Why are his eyes black holes? WHY?!

You’re wheezing? We’re wheezing! We literally cannot breath, people!

Michael Scott meme: NO! NO! NOOOOOO!

*Nervous sweats* *Can’t break eye contact with the Chocolate Cumberbunny*

This is a compliment, right? Benedict Cumberbatch should be flattered, right?


What kind of strange worship did we just walk in on? Please don’t curse us, Cumberbunnies…

Wait — this is actually incredible. The Chocolatician not only created a Benedict Cumberbatch chocolate bust, but they also chocolatized the Queen and Frida Khalo.

We were getting riled up there for a second. But how can we be mad at a chocolate Queen Elizabeth?

Okay, Chocolatician. You win. We’re coming around to the idea of celebrating Easter with a Chocolate Cumberbunny and maybe a Chocolate Gosling.

Um…never mind. Maybe we’ll give it a go next Easter.