As a kid, you’re bound to try some wacky food combinations. We scoured the internet for some of the weirdest combos that people thought were totally normal growing up.

Oatmeal Cookies and Garlic Sausage

Pile of homemade oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips upon a cutting board on rustic wooden table. Cookies are surrounded by oat flakes, oat spikes and chocolate chips. Main focus is on cookies and in the defocused background is a glass full of milk. Low key DSLR photo taken with Canon EOS 6D Mark II and Canon EF 24-105 mm f/4L

One Redditor asked his fellow users what their favorite weird food combos are. “The bachelor’s treat” does not sound that sweet, if you catch our drift.

Did they put the sausage on the cookies? In the cookies? Alongside the cookies? We’re not sure, but we’re intrigued, if just a little bit grossed out.

There is something to be said for a sweet and salty food combination. After all, people put bacon on cupcakes. But somehow, this just feels…wrong.

Hot Cheetos and Cream Cheese

Open bag of Cheese Puffs

One Refinery29 staffer said that in middle school, her entire grade used to layer Hot Cheetos onto their bagels and cream cheese. And apparently, it ruled.

“Except it was actually delicious and not just one of those things you tolerated because that’s what every other 12-year-old was doing,” she wrote. It’s certainly unique.

“Something about the spicy, crunchy chips and the smooth cream cheese just works.” Apparently, they later ditched the bagel and just dipped Hot Cheetos in cream cheese.

Hot Dogs in Applesauce

Vienna sausage sliced into small pieces

A Spoon University contributor asked their fellow Virginia Tech classmates about some of the weirdest food combos they loved as kids. The weirdest response?

One student said that they would cut up hot dogs, put them in applesauce, and down the concoction by the spoonful. Why? We’ll never know.

We have to wonder how this combo came into their head. Was it passed on through the generations of their family? Was it born out of necessity?

Cucumbers On Pizza

An up-close shot of a vegetarian pizza before baking, featuring mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, red and green bell peppers, and slices of cucumber, arranged beautifullyon the dough

This one frankly shocks many. It also offends Italian culture. However, there is something to be said for the contrast in this combo.

The crunchy and wet cucumber provide an excellent crunch on top of the pizza with its sweet sauce and gooey cheese. It’s truly incredible.

There are few meals out there that go badly with cucumbers. Pizza as well, hard to miss. This is an odd topping, but some people seem to love it!

Provolone Cheese and Peanut Butter

This is provolone cheese at its finest.  Fresh from the deli and shot in studio.  I shoot for a scale company and have on many occasions needed stock shots of meat and cheese to place on their stainless platters.  This would  have helped greatly.  Also when ordering at the deli it would help if they had pictures showing the meat or cheese so you know it is not the cheap stuff.  Now you have it....

A certain SoYummy staffer (not naming names) used to eat this odd combo on a daily basis. Until it finally, but definitely not surprisingly, made them sick.

This combination isn’t that uncommon. One Redditor said that they love to roll some peanut butter in a slice of Swiss or provolone for a “cheese burrito.”

It’s definitely not a conventional choice, and we’ll be avoiding it at all costs. But one thing is for sure: the team at SoYummy has some adventurous palates.

Cool Whip and Peanut Butter

whipped cream in spoon isolated on white background

We all unanimously agree that peanut butter and jelly is the greatest culinary combo ever invented. Maybe that’s why we just can’t get behind this one.

Why is it that just replacing the jelly with another sweet spread feels so wrong? We don’t know, but if you have jelly, why choose Cool Whip?

One Redditor who posted about this fine cuisine still apparently appreciates the combo. We’re not too sure our stomachs would feel the same, so we’ll pass.

French Fries Dipped in Apple Sauce

Close up french fries

Specifically, Ore-Ida Crispers. “I’ve never felt a compulsive need to do this with any other type of fry, and I don’t really eat applesauce unless it’s with Crispers.”

This Refinery29 staffer thought dipping French fries in applesauce was the norm until their high school friend gave them an odd look across the dinner table one night.

There are also several Redditors who swear by this combo. We’re game for putting applesauce on turkey, but on fries? Probably not on our foodie bucket list.

Grilled Cheese and Chocolate Chips

Close up pile of chocolate morsels on white background

Another Virginia Tech student put chocolate chips inside their grilled cheese sandwiches. Perhaps with the right cheese, this combo would taste decadent rather than dismal.

However, we’re just not buying it as of right now. Unfortunately, you can actually find recipes for “grilled cheese and chocolate sandwiches” online, often using parmesan.

This isn’t a combo we’re jumping to try anytime soon, but if this is your jam, we won’t yuck your yum. Just don’t eat it in front of us.

Avocados, Ice, and Condensed Milk

Two slices of avocado isolated on a white background. One slice with core. Design element for product label, catalog print, web use.

A BuzzFeed video shows us how to whip up a cold soup of avocado, ice, and condensed milk. It’s apparently a Filipino treat and quite common.

The rich, icy, and refreshing treat is the perfect pick-me-up on a hot day, according to its fans. Honestly, we’d 100% give it a shot.

You can also make this combo vegan by replacing the condensed milk with sweetened vegan milk. It might be a bit weird, but we won’t knock it.

Ketchup on White Rice

Glass bowl of ketchup or tomato sauce isolated on white background.

Tan from BuzzFeed used to indulge in ketchup and white rice as a kid. There are certainly more nutritionally sound food combos on this list.

This definitely sounds like the concoction of someone who hasn’t gone grocery shopping in a few weeks. And everyone can relate to that empty refrigerator feeling.

“Sure, there are better-tasting things in the world, technically, but this is just really comforting for me,” Tan confessed. Understandable. But also a bit gross.

Banana Bread and Cheese

Sliced banana bread with walnuts

A Refinery29 staffer admitted to this cheesy abomination. She apparently put cheese on a piece of her grandmother’s freshly baked banana bread and found the combo delicious.

We have to wonder how her grandmother felt about having her banana bread turned into the stuff of nightmares. Or maybe she also enjoyed the combo.

We could see putting cream cheese on banana bread to make a kind of cheese cake-inspired dessert. But any other type of cheese? No thanks.

Rice and Peanut Butter

Cooked rice in a clay pot

A Redditor shared that their mom would mix up this concoction whenever their stomach was upset. Apparently, the mixture would help them feel better.

Honestly, we’d take ketchup on white rice over peanut butter on rice any day. It just sounds way too sticky. It could actually be a choking hazard.

We’re not sure how this combination made this Reddit user’s stomach feel better. But we’re glad they have an iron gut and it works for them.

Ketchup/A.1. Steak Sauce on Noodles

Chillicothe, Ohio, USA - July 5th, 2011: Hand holding a bottle of A1 Steak Sauce, by Kraft Foods Global, Inc. Studio isolated on a white background.

Another Virginia Tech student confessed to this peculiar combo. They would apparently douse plain pasta, like spaghetti, with either ketchup or A.1. Steak Sauce.

Maybe in a culinary emergency, either condiment could masquerade as a makeshift sauce. If you didn’t have any taste buds, that is.

Imagining slurping A.1. and spaghetti is a tad unsettling. It’s like the plot of a kitchen nightmare. One where marinara sauce and alfredo no longer exist.

Honey on Omelettes

Homemade omelet with cheese

“I just love the mix of savory and sweet,” one Refinery29 staffer said about the combination, which was actually their great-grandmother’s go-to mashup.

Since first eating it as a kid, the staffer says they can’t go back to a plain omelette. It’s become a breakfast tradition that’s comforting and nostalgic.

The honey adds a subtle richness that elevates the omelette to a whole new level of indulgence. We’re not totally sold, but we might try it.

Cake and Milk

Vanilla cake slice with meringue icing.

One Redditor grew up thinking it was normal to drop a slice of cake into a glass of milk, mix it up, and call it a “cake shake.”

“It’s delicious. Especially if the cake is getting kind of dry. We didn’t waste a lot growing up,” said the Redditor, who came from a thrifty family.

We definitely don’t mind washing down a slice of cake with a glass of ice-cold milk. But doesn’t mixing them together just create a soggy mess?

Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ranch Dressing

Top view of a small bowl of ranch dressing on a wood table top illuminated with natural light.

We get that ranch dressing goes great on everything. But chocolate chip cookies? Um…no thanks. But one Redditor seems to disagree, saying it’s actually delicious.

“Kid randomly joked I should try it at the lunch table one day and turns out it is really good.” Ah, we miss those days.

We also wonder just how many culinary epiphanies were born in this way. Did Gordan Ramsey’s passion for cooking come from a lunchroom dare?

Olives and Cream Cheese

Slices of green olives

“I’ve always loved cream cheese and olive sandwiches (on toasted white bread, of course) since I was little,” a Refinery29 staffer said. Honestly, we’ve heard worse.

Their grandmother and mother would add sliced green olives to their bagels and cream cheese, which supposedly makes the perfect salty, creamy, crispy snack. We’d try it.

It’s a quirky combination that might raise some eyebrows, ours included. But for those in the know, it’s apparently a delightful blend of textures and flavor.

Peanut Butter and Mayo

Glass bottle jar of mayonnaise has a spoonful of out-focus mayo as foreground and a plain yellow background. Illustration of the concept of creamy sauce

The peanut butter and mayo sandwich is a Southern delicacy that got its start during the Great Depression. Maybe it was hard to get jelly?

Some people who ate this combo as a kid still only eat their peanut butter with mayo on top. We can’t imagine what that would taste like.

It’s weird to say, but we think we’d prefer the peanut butter and Cool Whip combo over this one. Nostalgic? Maybe. Gross? Yeah, definitely.

An Entire Dinner in Jell-O

Aspic- jellied chicken with egg and vegetables.

If you grew up in the middle of the 20th century, you’re probably familiar with the famous Jell-O mold dinners. Or if you just love Jell-O.

This dish wasn’t limited to just sweet ingredients. People would go as far as suspending meat and canned vegetables in a mass of jiggly gelatin.

Basically, one would put everything on the dinner table and entrap it in gelatin. No, this is not normal and never will be. To each their own.

Strawberry Jam and Sour Cream

bowl of sour cream on linen napkin

One bold Redditor shared that they enjoyed strawberry jam and sour cream sandwiches. Did they mean cream cheese? Does sour cream belong on a sandwich?

We’re so confused, but the three people who upvoted the Reddit post seem to be on board. We’re definitely not rushing to try this one anytime soon.

However, taste is subjective, so who are we to judge? Maybe it’s a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by the daring palate. But probably not.

Popcorn and Ketchup

Freshly made popcorn seasoned with butter in a bowl

It seems like for kids, ketchup goes with just about everything, including popcorn. One Instagram user was bold enough to share that this is the norm for them.

We can see maybe putting hot sauce or Sriracha on popcorn, or even caramel corn. But regular old ketchup? We’ll just take butter and salt, thanks.

The thought of tangy ketchup coating delicate popcorn kernels is enough to make our taste buds cringe. Plus, the mess potential is off the charts.

Cereal and Orange Juice

Pouring a glass of orange juice creating splash

Kellogg ran a survey in 2015 that revealed that one-fifth of Americans use orange juice in their morning cereal rather than milk. Surprising? Yes. Disturbing? Double yes.

Call in the feds. This is a full-on crisis. While some might argue for the versatility of orange juice, using it as a cereal base isn’t right.

It’s like dunking a pizza slice in coffee—technically, you can do it, but should you? Let’s stick to the classics and leave the orange juice for mimosas.

Butter and Sugar

Closeup sugar piling up the shape of the hill from wooden spoons and sugar cubes on a black background. selective focus.

Butter and sugar sandwiches were and are still supposedly treats among Irish youth. Although they’re horrible for you, butter and sugar sandwiches were prime after-school snacks.

For many, this treat is a nostalgic reminder of childhood innocence and simpler times. It’s a taste of tradition passed down through generations. And we can’t knock that.

From a nutritional standpoint, it’s hard to justify indulging in such a high-calorie and low-nutrient snack. It makes our teeth hurt just thinking about it.

Peanut Butter and Pickles

Pile of fresh green pickles, close up

Again, we have a strange combo that involves peanut butter. This one is also supposedly well-known throughout America, although eaten by a rare few daring individuals.

Vinegary, briny pickles teamed with salty, creamy peanut butter? Hm…we’re not buying it. Yet at the same time, it’s oddly intriguing. Will we try it? Probably not.

You can apparently eat peanut butter and pickles on their own, using the peanut butter as a dip. But you can also “enjoy” this combo in a sandwich.

Cheetos and Milk


We never thought we would have to say this but, guys — Cheetos are not cereal. Stop eating them with milk like they’re Cocoa Puffs. Enough!

Apparently, some people indulged in this bizarre concoction as kids, and many still do to this day. It’s just not something we can get behind.

Just the thought of Cheeto-infused milk is enough to make anyone’s stomach turn. At least anyone who’s in their right mind when it comes to edible combinations.

Cheese and Nuts

Close up view of a glass bowl filled with peanuts shot on dark rustic table.

Sure, we’ve been known to grab a handful of cashews and a couple slices of cheese as an afternoon snack. But one Redditor takes it to another level.

They apparently “roll a few cashews into a slice of cheese and eat it like a mini burrito.” Um…that’s not actually what a burrito is.

This honestly sounds like a lot of work. The flavor can’t be that bad — however, we’d rather just eat cheese and nuts separately as a snack.

Peanuts and Coke

Splashing Coke soda

This is very much a thing in the Southern states. We actually did a whole report on the origins of peanuts in Coke and how it started.

Basically, people claim that the saltiness from the peanuts mixes deliciously with the sweetness of the Coke. And there’s nothing wrong with a salty-sweet snack.

This tradition dates back to the 1920s, and it probably originated at a country store in the South. We’re not convinced, but we’re willing to try.

Grapes and Cheese Nips

Fresh red grapes isolated on white background. All in focus.

One Redditor dropped this bombshell: “My go-to snack in college was cheese nips and grapes together. Like a poorman’s cheese and wine.” Talk about gourmet.

Honestly, grapes and Cheese Nips isn’t the worst thing we’ve seen on this list. But seriously, we all deserve a little more pizzazz in our snacking game.

Sure, you could settle for this budget version, but why not treat yourself to the real deal? Now that you’re out of college, that is.

Apple Pie and Cheese

A side view of a delicious fresh homemade apple pie with a slice of melted cheddar cheese on top.

Some people won’t eat their apple pie without cheese. This is yet another bizarre American tradition that was birthed centuries ago and has many variations to it.

For example, you can melt cheese into the crust, or serve it cold atop the pie slice like ice cream. It’s a strange quirk in American culinary history.

But hey, to each their own—whether you’re team “melty cheese crust” or team “cheese slice à la mode,” there’s no wrong way to enjoy your apple pie.

Peanut Butter and Hamburger

open jar of peanut butter with spoon

People seemingly love the taste of peanut butter slathered on a bacon burger. Perhaps they’re channeling the classic Elvis fave: a peanut butter, bacon, and banana sandwich.

Or perhaps they confused the peanut butter for ketchup and decided it was an okay mashup. Weird things happen late at night in the kitchen, right?

If you’re into that sweet and salty flavor combination, more power to you. Just don’t be surprised if your dining companions raise an eyebrow or two.

Grapes and Curry

Butter chicken curry, lamb vindaloo, basmati rice, nan bread and yoghurt raita

A Redditor shared that their go-to is grapes and curry. Subsequently, they appear to have deleted their entire account, most likely to conceal their identity.

Perhaps they stumbled upon this peculiar combination during a late-night fridge raid or a moment of culinary experimentation gone awry. Either way, at least they love it.

We can’t say we blame them for wanting to keep their unconventional snacking habits under wraps. Grapes and curry might be a bit out there for some.