All The Weird Pregnancy Cravings Popular Celebs Have Experienced

Portrait of beautiful pregnant black mother holding her pregnant belly at home. Close-up.
Portrait of beautiful pregnant black mother holding her pregnant belly at home. Close-up.


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If you have bizarre cravings while pregnant, you’re far from alone. In fact, a number of celebrities have shared all the weird and wonderful foods they crave while they’re pregnant.

Kim Kardashian-West Wanted All Cheese All The Time

When questioned about her pregnancy cravings, Kardashian-West specifically mentioned, “mostly cheese, chili cheese fries, everything with cheese.” And based on her social media, she meant it.

She once told Extra’s Maria Menounos, “I’m waiting for the moments when someone’s like let’s go to McDonald’s…that’s not happening for me and I’m kind of sad about it.”

A couple days later, Kardashian-West admitted she “spoke too soon” when she photographed her fast-food venture: french fries from In-N-Out smothered in cheese sauce beneath a hamburger.

Chrissy Teigen Developed A Sweet Tooth

Teigen’s husband John Legend said of her cravings, “I think she likes sweets a little more than she used to.” He revealed that she at mostly the same during pregnancy.

In addition to an affinity for sweets, Teigen seems to have enjoyed Mexican cuisine. During her first pregnancy, she posted a photo of a taco on top of a burrito.

She captioned  the photo, “This burrito is so big I’m using it as a table for my fish taco.” Pretty admirable, if you ask us.

Kate Middleton Craved Curry And Gummies

During Middleton’s pregnancies, she craved a specific curry from an Indian restaurant in her hometown of Upper Bucklebury. Apparently, it was the only dish that could scratch the itch.

She came across the establishment when she went into a candy shop to purchase Haribo gummies. Middleton has visited the shop since then and has become a regular.

If there’s one thing we can relate to, it’s going into a shop for one thing and leaving with something else entirely. Pregnant or not!

Natalie Portman Craved Anything With Vinegar

Portman said she craved “anything with vinegar” while she was pregnant in 2011. We’re guessing salt and vinegar chips were a big part of her diet, as is only appropriate.

Portman seemed to enjoy her pregnancy, aside from a little morning sickness in the beginning that eventually faded. She said during the experience, “I feel amazing.”

As far as weird pregnancy cravings go, vinegar isn’t the worst. After all, vinegar can be healthy as well as delicious. Bring on the vinaigrettes and crusty bread with balsamic!

Blake Lively Craved Dark Chocolate During Her Pregnancy

Lively told E! News she craved sweets during pregnancy, but nothing too sweet. She wanted dark chocolate and snacks that were both salty and sweet.

Lively said she doesn’t like any saccharin sweets, mostly treats without too much sugar. And we can’t blame her. There’s nothing worse than a toothache with little payoff.

During her second pregnancy, Lively said she thinks pregnancy cravings are a myth because she didn’t have any the second time around. Can’t relate. Bring back dark-chocolate-craving Blake!

Kourtney Kardashian Developed Cravings For Nilla Wafers

Kardashian revealed to Natural Health Magazine that she tries to make healthy choices to curb her pregnancy cravings. But she admits that each time she’s pregnant, she craves Nilla wafers.

Kardashian also loves cheese and pickle sandwiches. She admits people give her weird looks when she orders them. Shame on those who would shame Kourtney’s cravings!

Kardashian also says that yoga helps her stay calm during her pregnancies. And that can be extremely important in between meals of Nilla wafers and weird sandwiches.

Mila Kunis Had Completely Different Cravings During Her First And Second Pregnancies

Kunis admitted she had vastly different experiences during each of her pregnancies. During the first, she craved vinegar and sauerkraut, much like Natalie Portman, her Black Swan co-star.

She said Greek salads topped with vinegar were a particular favorite. During her second pregnancy, however, Kunis only found she had an aversion to meat.

Although she’s not a vegetarian and typically ate meat, Kunis just couldn’t stomach a whole piece of it in one sitting. She stuck with smaller portions of ground meat, instead.

Jessica Alba Wanted Fruit During Her Pregnancies

Alba said she didn’t eat too differently while carrying either of her children. The star primarily craved fruit, and in particular, big juicy slices of watermelon.

Although Alba never deprived herself of snacks like pickles or cheeseburgers, she said she also desperately wanted watermelon more than anything else. At least she must’ve been well-hydrated!

Alba admitted that sometimes, she just couldn’t get food off her mind. However, she insisted she tried not to deprive herself of anything during pregnancy.

Ellie Kemper Couldn’t Stop Eating Ben And Jerry’s

Kemper admitted that she went to the bodega near her house every night to buy a pint of Ben and Jerry’s during her pregnancy. She just couldn’t get enough of it.

Kemper said as much in an interview with Conan where she shared her pregnancy cravings. And while she said she felt ashamed, we see no reason for it!

“I’m ashamed. I go to [the bodega] every night … the [bodega owner and I] make eye contact and I, like, sort of look away.” We respect it.

Carrie Underwood Loved Her Midnight Pop-Tarts

Underwood told Rachel Ray that although she hadn’t eaten midnight snacks before, during her pregnancy she loved getting a late-night Pop-Tart fix. Can you really blame her?

Underwood hadn’t had Pop-Tarts since college, which is simply not relatable. But her husband put them in the pantry, and when she knew they were available, she simply couldn’t resist.

You can’t help but wonder: what is Carrie Underwood’s go-to Pop-Tart flavor? We’re guessing classic frosted strawberry or brown sugar and cinnamon. You just can’t go wrong.

Laura Prepon Craved All Things Deli Food

During her pregnancy, Prepon craved foods she hadn’t had in a long time. Following a recurring theme on this list, she craved vinegary goodness more than anything else.

In an interview with Live with Kelly and Ryan, Prepon said she wanted pastrami sandwiches on rye bread with pickles, sauerkraut, and mustard. Is your mouth watering or is it just us?

Prepon also craved Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry Soda with her delicious deli creations. She said she craves all things Jewish deli. And now we do, too.

Amal Clooney Had The Classiest Cravings

A source revealed that Clooney frequented a restaurant named La Pelouse. The restaurant served Clooney’s favorite pasta and risotto with white truffles, which she craved throughout her pregnancy.

Amal’s husband George Clooney said he ate right along with her. Although he was worried about gaining weight, he wasn’t worried enough to say no.

Can a desire to eat high-end Italian delicacies at every meal really be classified as pregnancy cravings? Amal definitely wins the award for the classiest pregnancy craving on this list.

Vegetarian Hannah Davis Craved Meat

The model, married to baseball star Derek Jeter, said she began craving meat while she was pregnant with her first child. For a vegetarian, that might have been rather inconvenient.

She also craved sweets and candy. In fact, Davis pretty much loved anything salty and sweet. And let’s face it, we all need a little salty sweetness in our lives.

Although she was once a picky eater, Davis said that carrying a child made her want to eat anything and everything. Welcome to our world!

Anna Chlumsky Wanted Pastries During Her First Pregnancy

During Chlumsky’s first pregnancy, she was all about the sweets, and particularly baked goods. The Veep star said she mainly wanted pastries, butter, and icing.

The child she was carrying at the time, Penelope, grew up to love sugary treats. Understandably, Chlumsky speculates her cravings had something to do with it.

During her second pregnancy, however, Chlumsky’s cravings were a bit different. She reportedly craved Japanese food like sushi instead. Maybe her second child will grow up to love fish?

Alicia Keys Wanted Grilled Fruit

One of the odder celebrity pregnancy cravings is Keys’. She wanted grilled fruits, such as grilled cherries or bananas. She told US Weekly it’s easier than you might think.

You don’t need a grill. She simply puts fruit onto a panini press, which produces the perfect pregnancy treat that’s warm, sweet, and healthy to boot.

Just make sure to clean your panini press between making grilled cheese and your sweet and healthy grilled fruit. There are some things that just don’t mix.

Rihanna Wanted Salted Tangerines

In addition to craving sweets like candy and sugar, Rihanna told Vogue that she ate tangerines by the dozen during her pregnancy. That’s right, the dozen!

And they weren’t just any tangerines. No, they were tangerines with salt. Rhianna explained that in Barbados, “we take our fruits to the ocean and soak them.”

If you’re a fan of salty-and-sweet treats, salty tangerines really don’t sound half bad. If you can’t travel to the ocean for seasoning, a dash of table salt should do.

Madlyn Ballatori Wanted Ice

Oddly enough, the Ultimatum star told her Instagram followers in 2022 that she was craving ice while pregnant. There’s a new one for this list!

There are several reasons a person might crave ice while pregnant. For one, it’s scentless and flavorless, which is great for nausea. Second, it keeps you hydrated.

Craving ice can also be an indication of an underlying iron deficiency. We’re sure that Madlyn Ballatori worked with her doctor (and dentist) to make sure everything was all right!

Sharna Burgess Wanted Chocolate Milk

The Australian ballroom dancer and Dancing with the Stars pro partner told her pregnancy craving to her Instagram followers in March of 2022. Apparently, all she wanted was chocolate milk.

She said in her caption, “Couldn’t care less about Greek salads this week, but chocolate milk?? Truly made in the heavens and sent by the angels.”

When is the last time you treated yourself to a classic chocolate milk? We certainly can’t blame her for craving this refreshing and classic treat.

Luisiana Lopilato Wanted Chips

If you’re anything like us, you don’t have to be pregnant to crave chips. But at least in Luisana Lopilato’s case, being pregnant didn’t hamper those cravings at the least.

Wife to Michael Buble, Luisiana posted a selfie holding a back of salt and vinegar chips to her Instagram in February of 2022. An excellent choice, if you ask us.

It’s not unusual to crave salty snacks while pregnant, and throwing in some vinegar flavor is quite common, too. Why does pregnancy inspire a love for vinegar? We’ll never know.

Ashley Tisdale Wanted Orange Juice

Nothing is more refreshing in the early morning than a glass of fresh orange juice. Ashley Tisdale certainly agreed, telling Us that she was consuming far more OJ than usual.

Tisdale said that she’s always liked orange juice but that during her pregnancy, she went through far more. “I’ve never gone through so many orange juices in my life.”

We can totally understand why being pregnant might make someone crave a sweet and refreshing drink of juice. Anything that keeps you hydrated is a “yes” during pregnancy.

Gigi Hadid Wanted Everything Bagels

Gigi Hadid went all in on everything bagels while she was pregnant in 2020. She told Jimmy Fallon that she ate one every single day.

Gigi didn’t just have an everything bagel every day, which wouldn’t be too weird. Her birthday cake was also in the shape of an everything bagel with cream cheese.

The cake was created for her by the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro. She revealed that she is a Cake Boss superfan when she posted a photo of the cake.

Nicole Richie Wanted Frozen Yogurt

Richie’s husband, Joel Madden, revealed her secret craving on Twitter in 2009. It was Richie’s second pregnancy at the time, and her cravings were apparently quite strong.

Madden told Twitter, “Ahh, the joys of pregnancy cravings. Going to Pinkberrry in the middle of the night.” Can you really blame Nicole for craving some delicious frozen yogurt?

As far as sweet treats go, frozen yogurt is one of the healthier ways to go. And in terms of weird pregnancy cravings, you could definitely do worse.

Alyson Hannigan Wanted Meat and Cheese

Another vegetarian on our list, Alyson Hannigan also gave up her dietary restrictions during pregnancy. The How I Met Your Mother star told Us all about her pregnancy cravings.

She stated that she went from basically being a vegan to craving meat and cheese every day. She also revealed that she craved ginger ale along with her non-vegetarian meals.

Interestingly enough, Hannigan told Us that her mom also craved ginger ale while she was pregnant with Alyson. Are ginger ale cravings during pregnancy hereditary? Maybe so.

Catherine Zeta-Jones Wanted Marmite

The actress, while pregnant with her daughter in 2003, reportedly wanted nothing more than marmite — a type of yeast extract spread. Even her husband was taken aback.

Zeta-Jones’s husband, Michael Douglas, reportedly thought marmite was disgusting and couldn’t understand her new and bizarre pregnancy craving. But Catherine couldn’t get enough of the stuff.

In fact, marmite is actually high in folic acid, which is a vital nutrient when pregnant. It’s possible that Catherine Zeta-Jones’s body was trying to tell her something!

Gwyneth Paltrow Wanted Pie

It might not sound weird to us, but for Gweneth Paltrow, craving pie was anything but ordinary. Usually, Paltrow sticks to a strict macrobiotic diet, but not while pregnant.

In 2004, while pregnant with her daughter Apple, the Iron Man star reportedly broke her diet to indulge in some banana toffee pie. Excellent choice!

She joked about her pregnancy cravings, saying, “It was like, pass the biscuits!” Whether it was pie or biscuits, we couldn’t relate more to the need for carbohydrates.

Minnie Driver Wanted Olives

The singer and actor reported to Us that her pregnancy cravings in 2008 were pretty straightforward. She wanted all olives, all the time. “I dream about enormous olives.”

She craved olives so persistently that they even snuck their way into her dreams! “That’s all I really dream about.” That’s some serious dedication to a single type of food.

Salty and briny foods are no stranger to this list. Many celebrities (and everyday folks) have found themselves craving similar foods, like Greek salads and salty chips.

Halle Berry Wanted Bread, Salt, Pickles, and Pepperoncinis

Speaking of salt, actress Halle Berry wanted a mix of bread, salt, and pickles while she was pregnant with her daughter, Nahla. It’s a delicious combination.

Sure, there’s nothing too weird about craving pickles, bread, or salt. But reportedly, Berry craved salt so much that she would drink the brine from a jar of pepperoncini peppers.

She told The Insider’s Lara Spencer, “I just eat them out of the jar and then drink the juice!” Would you drink the salty brine from a jar of pepperoncinis?

Debra Messing Wanted Frosted Mini Wheats

In 2004, actress Debra Messing told Ellen Degeneres that she had discovered a new love for Frosted Mini-Wheats cereal while pregnant. There are worse things to crave!

Interestingly, Messing was filming the sixth season of Will & Grace during her pregnancy with her son, Roman. The director attempted to conceal her pregnancy but eventually gave up.

Hiding her baby bump with bags and other prompts eventually wasn’t enough, and Grace was absent from the final four episodes of the season. More time for Mini-Wheats!

Jessica Alba Wanted Ham and Cheese Sandwiches

There’s nothing weird about ham and cheese sandwiches, but it’s quite unusual to eat one every day. Alba blogged in 2008, “Every day I have eaten ham and cheese sandwiches.”

During her third pregnancy in 2017, Alba told Jimmy Fallon about her cravings. “I didn’t think I was craving anything until I realized I’m craving Japanese food all the time.”

She also reportedly craved desserts, like shaved ice and ice cream. Unfortunately, she was trying not to gain too much weight while pregnant with her son, Hayes, and couldn’t indulge.

Amanda Seyfried Wanted Cottage Cheese

There couldn’t be a healthier pregnancy craving than simple cottage cheese! And reportedly, that’s exactly what actress Amanda Seyfried wanted when she was pregnant with her daughter.

She told W, “I eat cottage cheese. It’s kind of the best thing.” Unfortunately, she wasn’t always confident about her pregnancy craving and sometimes felt embarrassed.

She stated, “But it’s embarrassing when I eat it…I don’t know why. I feel that I need to eat it alone. It’s a very strange thing.”

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