Fashionable Looks That Nailed The Whole Food Thing

Fashionable Looks That Nailed The Whole Food Thing

Whether you’re craving some snacks or just ready for a change, these looks are sure to inspire. Consider your look nailed.


Topping this list is none other than cherries!


Just missing chopsticks!

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One of the only times melted ice cream is acceptable.

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Mmm chocolate covered strawberries. My true love.


It’s summer year round on the tips of your fingers.

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These nails are the jam.

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Such precision, such detail–I’m biting my nails right now, aren’t I?


Could I have some barbeque sauce please?

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Is this as disturbing as I think it is?

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Nails that are easy as pie. Oh, come on. Someone had to say it.

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The dedication. The hunger.


What. How?! Beyonce is quaking.


That’s it, time to paint my nails.


And that’s just how the sushi rolls.


I could stare at these all day.

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This is art.

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