The Dictionary Says These ~Trendy~ Food Names Are Officially Real Words

real dictionary of trendy food words

Scrabble players, unite! Merriam-Webster updated their famous dictionary to include a few new words in the mix. Many of them are food-related, and they’re all things you might have said at some point. But back when you said them, you probably saw them more as abbreviations.

It’s pretty funny how words come about. Our language changes every day (for example, remember a few decades ago when “app” only meant appetizer?) but it’s kind of a beautiful thing. Certain words get pushed out of our everyday vernacular due to lack of use, while others make their grand entrance. As the world expands, so does our vocab.

The food terms are all part of the 840 brand new words added to the dictionary this year, per Food & Wine. But since they’re related to everyone’s favorite subject, they’re the most important. One of the strangest of the bunch is “avo,” short for avocado. The word itself is so fun and easy to say (say “avocado” five times and we dare you not to laugh or at the very least feel silly) that the new word almost doesn’t seem necessary.

The others made more sense. “Guac” is officially a word, which, fine. Of course, it stands for everyone’s favorite “avo” dip — guacamole. It’s the must-have snack at any party (and, it’s not too bad for you.)

Some of the words that were added make a lot of sense. Since mocktails are wonderful for those who abstain from alcohol, it’s good that the word is finally recognized in the dictionary. On the other side of the coin, “flight” — which you may have heard of during your last beer tasting, now has that definition added to it.


Descriptive words related to food were also included, like “hangry.” If you’ve ever been so hungry that you’ve been cranky, that’s the right word for you.


“Hophead,” which means a beer fan, is also on the list of new words. Pair that with “quaffable,” which means “enjoyable to drink,” and you may be able to construct brand new sentences.


Along with avo and guac, words like “marg” for margarita and “zuke” for zucchini were also added in. “Zoodle,” additionally, was added, since as a zucchini noodle, it’s officially its own thing.

Rounding out the list are words that, quite frankly, should have been in the dictionary already. These include dragon fruit, red bush tea, wagyu, coquito, gochujang, iftar, and food bank.


Since a ton of these words have technically been spoken for decades, it’s nice to know that they were officially welcomed into the dictionary. As a way to celebrate, make some homemade guac and try to these new additions in everyday conversation. Check out the full vocab list here.

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