Egg Roll Squirrel Is The New Pizza Rat, And You Need To Share This With Your Friends Immediately

Egg Roll Squirrel

There are plenty of stories out there that define the quintessential New York spirit, and some of the best are about the creatures that inhabit the city. These stories are always weird, hilarious, and maybe a little bit gross — but also so intriguing that you can never look away. And now we’ve seen the latest that is sure to become a meme, and another example of the perfect New York moment: Egg Roll Squirrel. Yes, Egg Roll squirrel is about to become the next Pizza Rat (who could forget Pizza Rat?!), and you will definitely want to be the first among your friends to share this story with everyone you know.

If you did somehow manage to forget who Pizza Rat is, let us remind you: Pizza Rat was discovered in 2015, when some lucky bystander on the subway witnessed a giant New York City rat struggling to carry a large slice of pizza down a set of subway stairs. The video was both hilarious and relatable: who could argue that a piece of New York pizza isn’t worth struggling for? Sure, it was kind of gross to see a rat out in the open in the subway, lugging around a discarded slice of pizza (how did it get there? Did the rat steal it? Will we ever know?), but it was also perfect.

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Pizza rat immediately became a meme, and trust us: Egg Roll Squirrel will too.

So who is Egg Roll Squirrel?

Like Pizza Rat, they’re an animal chomping down on a beloved fast food meal, not caring who’s watching or who’s around. Essentially, they’re living their best life, even though the rest of us are like “Ugh, New Year = diet time, salads, keto, blah, blah.” The Twitter account @whatisNY posted a video of a squirrel sitting in a tree, lovingly eating a full egg roll that may be half their size.

Look at that little cutie go! They love it! This is certainly not their first taste of an egg roll!

Twitter users everywhere were delighted with this beautiful site.

Some were just downright shocked.

And a few questioned how this squirrel managed to climb all the way up this tree, holding onto a full egg roll that is roughly half their size, leaving it intact. I mean, #goals.

Many agreed that this is who they are trying to be in the new year, and really, who can blame them?

And everyone agreed: Pizza Rat has been dethroned. Egg Roll Squirrel has taken their place.

But really… has there ever been a more New York moment? Maybe not.

Hey, at least this year is off to a good start!

You can’t argue with that. Egg Roll Squirrel is officially everything.

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