The Internet Is Pissed Off At This Popular Food Network Host For His “N-Word” Comments

josh denny racist

Chances are good that at some point in the last few days, you’ve heard or seen the name “Josh Denny” through social media — and the reason behind that is far from positive. The Food Network host is getting some serious heat from Twitter users after his controversial comments about the “n-word,” and honestly? We can’t blame anyone for speaking out about this.

Denny is the star of the Food Network show Ginormous Food, which looks for the biggest and tastiest foods in America. Ginormous Food has been really successful from the beginning: It premiered to over 35 million viewers and has been running for three seasons since it began in 2017. Denny is also a standup comedian who has released a few comedy albums in the past, and is in the midst of releasing one now. Perhaps that was why he tweeted comments about the n-word in the first place — to drum up some attention?

Whatever the reason behind it, Denny certainly made an impression, and it was *not* a good one. On May 18th, Denny sent out a tweet comparing the phrase “Straight White Male” to the “n-word.” Twitter users everywhere were infuriated, and the angry replies and arguments immediately came flooding in. He tweeted, “‘Straight White Maile’ has become this century’s N-Word. It’s used to offend and diminish the recipient based on assumption and bias. No difference in the usage.”

Denny didn’t stop there — he sent out a series of other tweets defending his stance. He added, “My point is, when you call someone this in conversation – you know exactly what you’re doing: attempting to devalue their POV based on negative cultural stereotypes. That’s racism.

Denny went on to quote both Dr. Martin Luther King and Kanye West while defending his opinion. At one point, he tweeted, “We will only eliminate racism, bigotry, and discrimination when we stop thinking of people and discussing society in those terms. Saying ‘this person can’t think this because they’re this’ is why we are a nation divided. Merely switching power dynamics isn’t the cure.”


Many Twitter users pointed out that “straight white male” and the “n-word” aren’t comparable phrases, regardless of the point Denny was trying to make:

Some users dug into Denny’s account, bringing up old tweets that were full of racist remarks:

Although Denny has responded to many of the replies to his initial tweet, debating and defending his stance, he has yet to reply to any of the tweets that bring up his past racist comments. Here are some of Denny’s replies so far:


He stated that it’s “in his nature to think in extremes” when someone pointed out that comparing the term “Straight White Male” to the n-word is a stretch.

Here he reasons that his tweet was just trying to make the world a better place.

Another tweet that states he didn’t mean to offend anyone.

Food Network also has not released any kind of statement about Denny or Ginormous Food. At this point, though, they’re bound to say something soon.

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