The New Animal Cracker Box Design Has Split The Internet In Half

People love animal crackers — that’s nothing to debate. The iconic cracker reminds us of childhood, and is also a welcome and popular break room snack at work. Even though the treats are available in plenty of different packages, the classic red box is definitely one of the most beloved. That may explain why certain people aren’t feeling the animal cracker box’s most recent makeover.

If you’re unaware, animal crackers changed their design after experiencing pressure from PETA. The original box showed circus animals separated in cages, but the new one shows them united as a team and free in their natural habitat. It almost looks as though a few of them are smiling.

Animal crackers were first produced in York, Pennsylvania. Roughly three decades later, in 1902, they were rebranded as “Barnum’s Animals” to tie them to the circus of the same name. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus was founded in 1871 and quickly became quite popular. So at the time, the animal cracker branding change made a lot of sense.

However, it became apparent that the circus often mistreated their performance animals. It was a serious issue — especially since animals like elephants deserve to live a free life in the wild. For that very reason, Ringling Bros. closed up shop in 2017, after 146 years of shows. Yet, since the animal crackers remained, PETA hoped that the animals drawn on the box would gain the same freedom that the real animals eventually received.

Here are just some of the many happy tweets regarding the brand new animal crackers box:

But still, not all animal cracker fans are happy about the redesign:

In today’s world, sure — maybe the redesign isn’t totally newsworthy. But it’s still a great way to show kids that animals shouldn’t be kept in cages for our amusement. Plus, any small change like this is a step in the right direction for animal rights. And one thing’s for sure — it probably inspired you to add animal crackers to your grocery list this week.

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