Shake Shack Is Turning Into A Bob’s Burgers, And We Are Losing Our Dang Minds

shake shack bob's burgers

There are so many restaurants in movies and TV shows we wish were real. We’d love to have a drink at MacLaren’s from How I Met Your Mother. We’re dying to try the secret sauce from Good Burger in the ’90s film of the same name. And we’d love nothing more than to sit on the big couch and sip coffee from an oversized mug at Central Perk from Friends. But perhaps the fictional restaurant we most wish was real is Bob’s Burgers from the TV show Bob’s Burgers. Well, all of our TV burger dreams are about to become a reality.

During this year’s Comic-Con, based in San Diego, Fox is turning a Shake Shack in Mission Valley, California into a Bob’s Burgers restaurant. That’s right: In honor of the 150th episode of the beloved cartoon, you can visit a replica of the iconic diner. As Eater reports, there will be Bob’s Burgers artwork, a recreation of the restaurant’s counter, and — most exciting of all — a special burger of the day.

As every Bob’s Burgers fan knows, Bob Belcher is a pro at dreaming up pun-tastic specialty burgers. In the show’s eight seasons, he’s served such daily specials as the Poutine on the Ritz Burger, the Poblano Picasso Burger, and the Cauliflower’s Cumin From Inside the House Burger. So it’s only right that the Bob’s Burgers pop-up serves a burger of the day with an incredible name.

On Friday, July 20th, the first 500 Comic-Con visitors will receive a Can I Have Your Slaw-tograph Burger, fries, and a drink. The creative burger will be topped with American cheese, BBQ pulled pork, pickles, jalapeño, and scallion slaw. YUM. It’s only available on Friday to Comic-Con attendees, who can hop on a Bob’s Burgers-wrapped bus to the Shake Shack from the convention center.

The Bob’s Burgers pop-up is a must-see for all Bob’s Burgers fans.


Even though the pop-up will only be open to Comic-Con attendees on Friday, it’ll be open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Meaning, you can still get your picture taken at the counter, even if you’re not a convention pass holder.

Who knows? Maybe someone will open a pop-up Jimmy Pesto’s Pizzeria across the street.


So grab your ukulele, get your best burger puns ready, and plan your trip to the fictional diner IRL. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it.

Love burgers but can’t make it to this location of Shake Shack? That’s okay, we’re here to help you get creative. Watch our burger hack video for some inspo!


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