These Pikachu Donuts Had To Be Removed From Shelves Because They Were SO Creepy


You haven’t seen what a soulless creature truly looks like until you’ve seen these disturbing Pikachu donuts. We understand that the intention was pure. However, these things are so disturbing, they actually had to be removed from the shelves.

The Pikachu donuts hail from Mister Donut, one of Japan’s most beloved fast food chains. And yes, what you’re thinking is true: Japan is the mecca of cutesy foods and absolutely adorable plush critters. So how could something that, in theory, combines the best of both worlds, end up so, so wrong?

It really boils down to the poor assembly of these desserts. The Pikachu donuts that Mister Donut marketed before their arrival to the masses looked fantastic. And after their November 9th release at some locations, some lucky customers were able to get their hands on donuts that did look exactly like the iconic Pokémon character.

However, other Pikachu fans weren’t so lucky. Unfortunately, novice donut makers couldn’t really match the quality that was promoted and expected. Eyes went askew. Lumps and bumps popped up. Basically, all hell broke loose.

So, rather than each customer receiving a sugary yellow treat that looked like this —

— most received this instead. (Hello darkness, my old friend…)

And Japanese Twitter didn’t hold back. This person called their donut a “horrible creature.”

This user pointed out Pikachu’s sexy mole.

And TBH, this little guy didn’t stand a chance.

After customers didn’t take well to the new release (hmm, we wonder why…), Mister Donut decided to pull their Pikachu donuts from store shelves in order to save face. According to MUNCHIES, the chain hopes to focus on quality control before redistributing Pikachu to the public.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Mister Donut donut makers. A lot is riding on this sugary Pokémon.

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