7 Reasons Why Workaholics Are Obsessed With This New Meal Kit (Plus A Special Offer Just For You!)

1. The value is unbeatable

When you think of meal kits, you probably immediately think, “That’s SO expensive!” Because at least when they were first introduced, meal kits were more of a luxury than a necessity. But that’s definitely not true with EveryPlate. Each meal is only $4.99, which is 58 percent cheaper than most other meal kit services. Yup, 58 percent. That was not a typo.


2. You’ll save *so* much money

With EveryPlate, everything comes pre-portioned, so you don’t end up buying too much of all the ingredients you need. We’ve been told that buying groceries ourselves and making food at home (instead of going out to eat) is one of the best ways to save money — but you can take it a step further than that. Think about it. A recipe calls for one teaspoon of tahini, yet you need to buy an entire bottle, and that’s $5-10 you’re spending for just ONE teaspoon. Plus, unless you’re planning on making hummus every single week, you know that expensive bottle is just going to end up collecting dust in your pantry. Get the perfect amount of ingredients each week to feed your entire family!

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3. You will get the highest quality ingredients

You don’t have to sacrifice quality! EveryPlate works with nationally recognized suppliers who make it their top priority to send customers fresh ingredients every single time they get a box.


4. You save so much time

No more grocery store, parking, and dealing with portioning and measuring out all of your ingredients. Sometimes even the thought of meal-prepping for so many people makes us anxious, but EveryPlate makes dinner so seamless! Especially when you have a big family to feed (EveryPlate can serve up to 4 people). Best of all, the recipes are super easy and take around 30 minutes to prepare.


5. EveryPlate is one of the most trusted meal kits in America

You can’t argue with numbers. Over 2,000 people have left EveryPlate a positive review on their Facebook page, and customers have given them a 4/5 stars.

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6. You get try new things

EveryPlate works with chefs to make sure you get curated boxes every single week, with 5 different recipes each time. Never made risotto from scratch before? Now you get to try with step-by-step guidance. Meal kit services encourage you to be more adventurous with your menu, and you learn new things on the way.


7. And if you subscribe now, you get an amazing offer!

Don’t worry, you don’t have to commit. Try your first 18 meals for just $3.33 each. Not a fan? No problem, you can easily unsubscribe. But we have a feeling you’ll be hooked! What are you waiting for, mamas? Try it out now! Your family will thank you.

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