An Alligator Interrupted A Couple’s Romantic Picnic, And The Photos Will Scare You To Death

alligator picnic

This gator is out of line. In May, Taylor Forte and boyfriend Trevor Walters of Gainesville, Florida, attempted to enjoy a romantic picnic before Walters left for the Marines. However, the couple was joined by an uninvited guest. An enormous alligator decided that he wanted to be in on the meal and wasn’t taking no for an answer.

“He swims up to the bank and just looks us dead in the eyes and then he immediately just sprints up onto the beach,” Walters told local news station WGFL. It was mid-sprint that Walters and Forte decided to GTFO of there.

“He annihilated an entire block of cheese,” Walters continued. “Gobbled it down lickity split. The salami didn’t stand a chance. We had this big bowl of guac made — he eats the whole bowl. He put the whole bowl in his mouth.”

RIP guacamole. RIP.

Walters was able to scare the creature away by making a lot of noise and trying to make himself as big as possible. It’s a method called “the bear scare,” he told WGFL. Luckily, it worked. The alligator took off after his brief lunch and retreated back into the water.

We’re starting a petition to give Walters his own wildlife show.

[fm_youtube url=""]

“Unfortunately it sounds like that gator has been fed previously and has lost its weariness of people and is beginning to associate people with food,” Karen Parker, from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, told WGFL.

If other Floridians have a run-in with a “nuisance alligator,” they’re urged to call the Commission at 866-392-4286.

Thankfully, neither Forte nor Walters were hurt by the alligator. Therefore, Twitter is having a heyday with this story.

First of all, gator, this bombardment was extremely rude. Were you ever taught any manners?

Then again, Forte and Walters should have known better. You wouldn’t catch us setting up shop anywhere near one of those Florida lakes.

The alligator was clearly trying to pinch pennies where it could. We’re not saying that stealing is right, but we can’t blame it for trying.

This would be the least shocking action the alligator could have done. We’d almost expect it.

Really good question. It all sounds too familiar.

You’re going to hate us… But we just can’t stop thinking about the alligator watching this video before deciding to raid that picnic.

[fm_youtube url=""]

At least this date is one of the most memorable Forte and Walters have ever had. That’s something, right?

And hey, at least they’re not this poor woman in Clearwater, Florida, who recently had an alligator break into her kitchen. “I don’t know why he wanted my red wine,” she told reporters. “But he got my red wine — the good stuff.”

When asked if she’ll change where she stores her red wine, the woman said no. “Why would I change my living habits for that? Because the next gator might like white wine.”

Have alligators evolved to enjoy the finer things in life? Do they now expect to only eat guacamole and drink nice red wine?

Is this what the future will look like? We shiver at the thought.


Listen, alligators, eat your own food. If you haven’t paid for it, it isn’t yours.


Then again, who are we to tell an alligator no? Yikes.

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