This Instagram Star Tried Selling The Weirdest Type Of Water, And It Worked

belle Delphine bathwater

If you already suspect that fancy bottled water may be more about hype than health, wait until you find out what this Instagram star sold to her fans. Cosplayer Belle Delphine is famous among her 3.9 million Instagram followers for her pastel pink hair, NSFW posts, and her mischievous sense of humor — and she used all of that to earn a little extra cash this week.

On Monday, the 19-year-old posted a photo of herself wearing a blue bodysuit and her signature pink cat-ear headphones in the bath, with a caption letting “all you THIRSTY gamer boys” know that she would be selling her bathwater on her website. Yes, you read that right. As one person commented on the post, it’s one way to make back the cost of your water bill.

Delphine followed this post up with a video, showing her still in the bath, spraying herself with the shower, and filling up clear jars with the bathwater, topped with a lid that said “gamer girl bathwater.” The price? An impressive $30.

According to her Twitter, Delphine’s bathwater sold out the same day, and she was apparently as surprised as anyone.

But not everyone:

As you can imagine, the internet had opinions.

The bathwater immediately went on some people’s birthday lists:

And other people’s survival essentials lists:

Delphine included a disclaimer about not drinking the water, but…

We can’t believe we have to say this, but please do not drink bathwater you ordered from the internet. Or anywhere else…

Naturally, there are skeptics:

And straight-up haters:

One observer even added an academic spin:

But other people are warming to her way of thinking.

Money is money.

Delphine has also inspired other gamer girls (known as egirls) with her business model.

As well as people who aren’t even part of the scene:

It’s more lucrative than some other side hustles.

According to Delphine’s Instagram page, she is working hard to make more. Gotta be careful though: if she makes it too easy to get, she might dilute the market.

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