These Candy Companies Are Supporting A Petition That Will Change Halloween Forever

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Halloween fans, you’d better sit down for the latest news about the year’s greatest candy-centric holiday. Since 2018, the Halloween & Costume Association has been running an online petition to the President of the United States, asking to officially move Halloween celebrations. They’re suggesting that as well as observing the traditional date of October 31st in whichever way you prefer, there should also be a National Trick or Treat Day on the last Saturday in October. As of writing, they had over 125,000 signatures, close to their goal of 150,000.

The idea is twofold, designed to appeal to adult fans of Halloween and specifically to parents. First of all, they think that moving Halloween celebrations to a Saturday every year will suit people who have to work on weekdays, since it would mean they could still have a full day and night of fun, even if Halloween falls in the week (it’s on a Thursday in 2019.) Secondly, they think it will make it easier for parents who work in the week to be around for the Halloween activities, meaning kids get to take part in more daytime events, extending the fun for longer, and won’t have to go out trick-or-treating on their own.

The petition just got a boost from one very important Halloween authority: candy companies! Snickers was the first to declare their support for the plan, even throwing in a bribe:

Just two minutes later, they were echoed by M&Ms:

Three minutes after that, TWIX gave the plan two bars up:

And 10 minutes after Snickers kicked it off, Skittles added their voice…

…and almost immediately, found themselves swept up into a totally different demand:

If you find it suspicious that four different candy companies managed to coordinate their approval of a plan to overhaul one of the most famous holidays on the calendar, note that they are all owned by Mars.

And in the petition, the Halloween & Costume Association wrote, “Instead of changing the date that American’s [sic] celebrate Halloween, we will be adding an additional day of festivities in partnership with Party City and other brands.” We have no official (or even unofficial) confirmation that Mars is among those other brands. But it seems that they are pro the move. However, while the official Twitter accounts of the candy makers are on board, another high profile Halloween-related family had a predictably alternative stance:

Far from allowing us more Halloween time, this petition restricts it to just one day.

Everyone knows the last day of a month isn’t a specific day so much as a suggestive deadline.

However, a full weekend of guaranteed Halloween fun is too much for at least one person:

But mostly, the internet is pro-tradition and anti-petition. Emotions ranged from deadpan despair:

To threats of social disruption:

To concerns that people who don’t love Halloween just the way it is must be a threat to national security:

There is talk of a rival petition:

But for others, simply saving Halloween isn’t enough:

The President has yet to respond to the petition, leaving us to ask ourselves, is tradition always better — or do we deserve a weekend dedicated to Halloween every year? Will the promise of free chocolate be enough to win the doubters over? We have a few months to find out.

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