Chips Ahoy Cookies Have Been Recalled For Containing “An Unexpected Solidified Ingredient”

chips ahoy recall

Mondelēz Global LLC announced on April 13th that they are voluntarily recalling certain packages of their Chewy Chips Ahoy cookies. Luckily, there’s no virus or bacteria lingering in the batter. Instead, the company is concerned about “the potential for certain product to contain an unexpected solidified ingredient.” Uh — what now?

“Unexpected solidified ingredient” leaves a lot — perhaps too much — to the imagination.

Chewy Chips Ahoy are, of course, known for their soft chewiness. The chocolate chips provide a nice crunch here and there, but that’s definitely expected. So what in the solidified heck is hiding in our Chewy Chips Ahoy? Rocks? Bits of plastic? The Airpod we lost two weeks ago?

According to The Takeout, who spoke with a representative from the Mondelēz Consumer Relations Hotline, consumers have found hardened bits of cornstarch in their cookies. Oh. That’s it? We were really hoping it was that lost Airpod. Looks like we’re still out a gazillion dollars…

The Chips Ahoy Twitter account also confirmed that people have complained of gagging, coughing, and mildly choking on these cornstarch nibs. We think that maybe these customers are trying to get a few Chips Ahoy coupons out of their complaint, and tbh, we can’t blame them.

As advised by the Chips Ahoy Twitter, those who have affected packages in their pantry should not eat them. The recalled packages all have expiration dates of September 2019.

Without outwardly telling people what the “unexpected solidified ingredient” is, we all began thinking horrendous thoughts. Sorry, we can’t help it!

Well. We guess.

Some were more reasonable than others. Airpod? Has anyone found an Airpod?

Chips Ahoy could have avoided responding to many concerned customers individually if they had just told us what the ingredient was from the start. But hey, the past is in the past.

And if you’re wondering what the bits of cornstarch look like, this Twitter user actually found some in his package of cookies a while ago. Yikes.

Again, people. Don’t eat the recalled cookies.

Otherwise, there will be consequences. And those consequences will be weird.

RIP, my guy. RIP.

You may want to cut those three packages down to just one. Who knows what the cornstarch could do?

In all seriousness, really — don’t eat the cookies. It may just be cornstarch, but Mondelēz wants to make sure their customers are safe when eating their product.

NO! Don’t do it!

There are other cookies out there for you to weather this storm with. Do yourself and Mondelēz a favor.

Or, you know, just stick to the classic. Chewy can wait.

Check the expiration dates on your Chewy Chips Ahoy package. And if anyone finds that Airpod — please help a girl out.

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