Cheetos Completely Changed Their Shape For Easter

easter Cheetos

Confession: I just got into Cheetos this year. Yes, I’ve been exposed to them throughout my life, but I pledged my allegiance to Doritos at an early age. These days, there’s an element of cheesy goodness that only regular crunchy Cheetos can provide.

That said, I still appreciate most other types of Cheetos.

Unless they’re red and threaten to burn my stomach from the inside out, they’re okay in my book. And even though these new Easter Cheetos look absolutely nothing like the kind I’m currently craving, they still look like a welcome addition to the snack lineup.

It’s rare for Cheetos to release something not-so-great on a major food holiday.

Let’s be fair. You probably don’t expect to see Cheetos in your Easter basket. Usually, that sacred space is reserved for chocolates, candies, and jellybeans. So perhaps that’s why they haven’t really participated in Easter all that much, at least shape-wise.

But because there’s literally no such thing as “too many Easter snacks,” it’s good to know they’re open to change.

There’s room in my heart for both Cadbury and Frito-Lay. (Just not together, since that’s a food combo that nobody’s anticipating.)

The egg shapes are coming out in both Cheeto and Sweeto form, the latter which was introduced earlier. Here’s what they look like:

Honestly? I’m quite happy with the cheese level. They weren’t lying when they said they’d be double cheddar.

They seemed to make a quiet entry into the grocery store scene.

So far, they’ve been spotted in Target and Wegmans, meaning it’s pretty likely they’re everywhere by now.

Cheetos and eggs have been linked before.

Well, kind of. One brave home chef combined hot Cheetos and eggs and left it up to a brave friend to post the concoction to the world.

Warning: you may be grossed out.

My friend making Hot Cheeto Eggs from r/shittyfoodporn

Listen, it’s always good to experiment with food. But this just looked utterly wrong in every way.


They might be a little better than they look. But, I’m not volunteering to give it a shot.


Something tells me that the snack version of a Cheeto egg tastes a lot better. Call it a hunch.

Still, it’s kind of strange that Cheetos (and Chester himself) haven’t made a big announcement yet. Usually, they’re pretty vocal about their latest products.

And yes, those products often extend past food and snacks.

Like, if you don’t have an actual Easter basket this year, maybe you can store your egg-shaped Cheetos in one of these.

Even though Chester failed to let us know directly, his Twitter account is still worth a follow. I mean, this got a decent laugh out of me.

It’s wonderful that you can get Easter-appropriate Cheetos this year, but perhaps maybe next year they’ll get a little more creative.

Eggs are one of the top symbols of both the holiday and springtime in general, but they’ve been a bit overdone. For one, you have these.

And of course, these. Which may very well dominate the entire basket.

And, don’t forget. It’s not Easter until you eat some of these.

Since a standard crunchy Cheeto already has a weird shape, you’d think they’d be able to make anything out of them.

Can you picture Cheeto bunny ears? Or maybe even Cheeto flowers, to celebrate the new season.

So, get on it, Chester. (I’m guessing he’s in charge of the Cheetos Shapes Division. I could be mistaken.)

Let’s just hope that they inspire even more chip companies to release new items.

As I mentioned before, I’m a pretty big fan of Doritos and feel like they could definitely expand outside of their standard triangle shape. Maybe next year, they’ll surprise us with something huge.

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