As A Mom, EveryPlate Is The Ultimate Cost And, Well, Life Saver

Bad backs run in my family. And one day, after playing with my daughter, the bad back luck caught up with me.

I was running laps with her, as I’ve done plenty of times before, but this time, I landed funny. The noise didn’t help my worried brain. As the night progressed, the pain got worse and worse. And that’s why I needed an emergency back surgery for a herniated disc. It was a minor procedure, but a major inconvenience.

Oddly enough, this was around the time I wanted to give EveryPlate a try. The meal kit company is one of the most affordable options out there, at only $4.99 per serving (and technically you can get your first 18 meals for $3.33, but more on that and how you can get that deal later!). That’s a great deal, especially when you’re fearing the reality of upcoming hospital bills.

But, it was more than that. It was a way for me to stop thinking about weekly meal plans while I, instead, focused on recovery.

The first thing that impressed me was the packaging. When you sign up for services like this, you want to make sure that what you’re getting is actually fresh.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

Needless to say, everything looked spectacular. And even better, EveryPlate eliminated a lot of packaging waste. I’ve used other meal kits before, and I felt like throwing away the unnecessary plastic was a job in itself.

Try it for yourself!

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The recipes themselves looked yummy. I knew the meatloaf would be the first meal we tried, and it was a success. (Many thanks to my husband, for putting it all together.)

Karen Belz / So Yummy

But, the good thing about meal kits like these is that you really can cook as a family. Even though Charlotte is only 2, she seemed pretty invested in helping out with the project.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

Not going to lie, a plan like EveryPlate would be perfect as an introduction to cooking for younger kids. The instructions are easy to follow, and they even give you a good estimate as to how long prepping should take.

We chose the Tuscan Herbed Chicken as our big family prep meal because it’s got something for everyone. Chopped tomatoes and garlic flavored this meal almost perfectly.

Try it now!

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Plus, there was a lot I could do to help out, even with my restrictions. (Do you know how hard it is not to bend, lift, or twist to a certain degree? It’s nearly impossible.)

So Yummy

This dish also incorporated pasta, which I knew would be a hit for the kid. And, myself. Not going to lie, I’ve got somewhat of a spaghetti addiction.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

EveryPlate managed to take a typical ingredient like chicken and take it to the next level. It’s just incredible how different spices can transform a meal.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

And, the good part about meal kits for seasoned chefs (or at least, anyone above an amateur) is that you can also bend the instructions a little to fit your need. For example, if you’re cooking just for kids, you can try to eliminate some of the spice and make it a little easier for their palates.

So Yummy

Charlotte, as expected, was mostly just interested in the spaghetti. Just further proof that yes, she is my daughter.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

The final dinner plate truly looked like something you’d find at a restaurant. I’m so proud that my family made and enjoyed this together, especially during a time when going out would have been more of a production.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

Fellow moms can understand that sometimes, it feels like we’ve got so much on our shoulders. We need to learn how to multi-task and stay positive. So, injuries really throw a wrench into things.

So Yummy

Even though I’m still recovering, and what happened isn’t going to ruin my life, I took the herniated disc as a sign that sometimes I need to just slow down and actually take in every moment.

Especially with a toddler, who literally changes and grows every day.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

By not having to really think about dinner, I’m already a step ahead of the game. It’s not just thinking about what meals to make, but what ingredients I’d need to buy to create them. EveryPlate helped me make those decisions and sent me literally everything I needed.

Karen Belz / So Yummy

The fact that the food is delicious and affordable is just a bonus. The food was completely different than what’s normally on our family meal schedule. Our family dinners can often be repetitive and safe, so this really shook things up in a good way.

If you subscribe now, you’ll get the first 18 meals for $3.33 each with free shipping!

Subscribe now!

Health emergency or not, EveryPlate is still a service worth checking out — especially for moms. It’ll help simplify your grocery list and give you a little bit more time to focus on what’s really important, like watching your kid hilariously eat spaghetti. may earn an affiliate commission through any of the reviewed products in this article. 

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