Lean Cuisine Is Getting Dragged So Hard By The Internet For Their Sexist Ad Campaign

lean cuisine sexist ad

Okay, it’s 2018, y’all. If you (or a business) does something wrong, the people of social media WILL call it out. Because we can. And while most businesses do genuinely have good intentions when it comes to rolling out new ad campaigns, sometimes what we’re seeing is obviously them missing the mark (maybe even on purpose), holding on to the phrase that, “any press is good press.” Well, if that’s the case, then Lean Cuisine sure is killing it on the social spectrum right now after their most recent digital campaign hit the internet and straight up bombed.

The initial post featured a simple caption, “Lean Cuisine has always supported women and their ambitions. What does having #ItAll mean to you?”


This was accompanied with a video to market their product, one that attempted to encourage women to redefine what it means to  have “it all.” It featured a handful of women shopping at a made-up store called ItAll, where they chose things they wanted in life, throwing emphasis on the sacrifices that came with these things they valued. While this angle had good intentions (the point was the focus on the power of female relationships) , they ended up spending a lot more camera time on the women’s choices of children and relationships, heading down a slippery slope of outdated gender norms.


For the most part, viewers thought even the idea of “having it all” was very outdated. A quick Twitter search using the official hashtag #ItAll shows the mixed (but majority negative) reviews of the campaign. Enjoy the drag.


Lean Cuisine

I will say that the amount of jokes that have stemmed from this hashtag is also impressive. Twitter (per usual), had a field day with this, so I must add in a few of my favorite LOLs.


Hopefully, Lean Cuisine learns a lesson or two from this.

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