6 Reasons Why Everyone Is Obsessed This New Meal Delivery Service (Plus A Special Offer Just For You!)

1. Value, value, value

When you think of meal delivery services, you probably immediately think, “That’s SO expensive!” But that’s definitely not true with ButcherBox if you’re someone who buys a lot of meat for your family. Meat can get really expensive, really fast. For a curate box, ButcherBox sends you 8-11 pounds of meat, which is 24 meals for just $129/month and 16-22 pounds of meat (48 meals) for $238.

For a custom box, you get 9-14 pounds of meat (30 meals) for $149/month. If you want a big box, you get 18-26 pounds of meat (60 meals) for $270/month.

For the quality of meat you’re getting, those prices easily beat any grocery store offerings.


2. You’ll save *so* much money

Meat is usually the most expensive part of your grocery trip, right? Even when you use coupons and get meat on sale, just three steaks can end up costing a fortune — and that’s tougher when you have a family to feed. By getting ButcherBox, you solve that problem instantly. You’ll save money on meat, AND you get the highest quality cuts. ButcherBox is simply the smartest way to shop for meat.


Try it now!

3. You get the highest quality, safest meat

The thing with trying to save money on meat at the grocery store, is that you usually will end up with the worst cuts of meat. Think fatty pieces of chicken thigh, meat that’s on the verge of going bad, or meat that’s super pumped with growth hormones. With cases of E.coli and salmonella becoming more and more prevalent, people are wanting more transparency about where their meat comes from. ButcherBox closely works with small, local farms, so they know that the meat is sustainably grown, humanely raised, and has never been injected with antibiotics or hormones.


You also know that the meat comes from animals who are:

100% grass-fed 


Pasture-raised and free to roam

A source of omega -3s, vitamins, and minerals

ButcherBox’s facilities are routinely inspected and always approved by the USDA. Farmers and ButcherBox employees never, ever cut corners, and they also believe in fair wages, so ButcherBox will never work with partners who don’t pay their employees a livable wage.

4. You save so much time

No more grocery store, parking, and dealing with the “butcher” section of the store. When was the last time you felt confident that your grocery store gave you the best cut of meat for the amount you’re paying? ButcherBox is like having access to a real, educated and qualified butcher who delivers the meat you want and need directly to your doorstep.


Try it for yourself!

5. You get try new things

With ButcherBox, you get to choose from a curated box or custom box. With both, you get to try different cuts of meat, and since ButcherBox works with the whole animal, you get a lot to choose from. Have you ever tried Denver steak? Scotch Tender? You can also choose your faves like filet mignon, a classic whole chicken, or juicy salmon. You’ve got endless options!


6. And if you subscribe now, you get an amazing offer!

If you subscribe today, you get free bacon (yup, free bacon, that wasn’t a typo!) and $20 off your first box!


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