This Presidential Candidate’s “Veggie Pizza” Has People Questioning His Sanity

Scott walker veggie pizza

After seeing what former 2016 presidential candidate Scott Walker considers pizza, we’re thinking we may have dodged some kind of bullet. The Republican former governor of Wisconsin posted a photo of “veggie pizza” on Twitter on July 6th, and all we can say is yuck.

“Veggie pizza on the lake! Mmmmmm!” Walker captioned a photograph of what looks to be raw vegetables atop a piece of pita bread. You call that veggie pizza, Scott? Where the heck is the queen of vegetables herself, former First Lady Michelle Obama, when you need her?

Almost immediately after posting, Walker was met with severe criticism from his former constituents as well as the rest of the world. Everyone wanted to make sure Walker understood that what he was eating during the holiday weekend was absolutely not pizza.

This pizza issue may be the most egregious error he’s made during his political career.

Okay, yeah — it’s definitely not. But it’s still pretty bad.

And those who disagree with Walker on his politics and pizza-centric opinions really let him have it. Dude, it’s just a salad on bread. That’s not pizza.

We’re all thoroughly pissed off. Way to ruin a nice weekend.

Sorry not sorry. This sucks!

If you want veggies and ranch, just dip veggies in ranch. Don’t do this.

Please. Send help ASAP.

Just… Just delete before it’s too late. Actually, never mind. It’s too late already.

None of these veggies belong on a pizza, and you know it, Scott. Is that cheese, or are they carrots? Either answer is gross.

We’re feeling devastated just looking at it. Imagine having to eat this mess.

Are you getting the flashbacks to Fyre Festival, too? It hurts.

To put it mildly… Yeah, it does.

You know you’ve done something wrong if your veggie-based meal offends a vegetarian. Can we also get a vegan opinion?

It better not be, Scott. It really better not be.

And yeah — obviously people are pulling politics into the pizza debate. Duh.

What else did you expect?

In order to make things right, we’ll do the world a favor and eat a real veggie pizza — one that’s cooked and has sauce and a crust. Scott, if you’re listening, take a social media hiatus, bud. You’ve lost this round.

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