These New Starbursts Are Straight-Up Genius (And Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Before)

new starbursts

Starburst found the perfect way to get your 2019 off to a great start. Their latest product is set to launch this January, and you’ll be left wondering why they never thought of this idea before for their chews. Seriously — it’s insanely genius.

The product is called Starburst Duos, and much like you’d imagine, it’s pretty much like eating two Starbursts at once. Which, uh. We can all admit we’ve done before. (No judgment. We’re all friends here.) According to Delish, the first chewy Duos that’ll be released consist of Strawberry Watermelon and Blue Raspberry Lemonade. It’s not clear if other flavors will be introduced as time goes on. Still, we’ll take what we can get. And the combination of flavors sound yummy x 1,000,000.

They’ll be available in two forms — as an individual packet that you’ll likely see lining the grocery store checkout line, and in 14-oz. bags.

Individually, they’re expected to retail at 99 cents each. The bag will cost just a little over $3.

Starburst Gummy Duos have also been spotted at a Walmart in New Castle. The flavors are slightly different, but they’re making candy fans pretty excited. According to Wrigley, these have actually been available since 2010 — but finding them is rather tough.

Here’s a fun fact about Starburst, while you’re here.

“Starburst” actually wasn’t the brand’s official name when they were first invented. They were called Opal Fruits, and they were invented by Peter Pfeffer. They were introduced to the U.K. before making their way to America.

At that point, they were rebranded as Starburst. So next time you see a bowl of loose Starbursts at the office, make sure to share that fact with the person kind enough to provide them.

The new product just wouldn’t sound right as “Opal Fruits Duos,” so America made a pretty good call. Who knew if Peter Pfeffer had ever guessed how successful his candy would be?


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