This Woman Failed So Hard Trying To Scam A Restaurant By Putting A Razor Blade In Her Burger

razor blade burger

We’ve all heard our fair share of restaurant horror stories that make us reconsider dining out altogether, like customers finding bugs in their food or pulling long strings of hair out of their meals. We’re just naming two disgusting possibilities — we know a lot can go on in the kitchen, and there are bound to be slip-ups. No one wants bad things happen to them. Except, uh, maybe some people do. A woman recently tried to scam a restaurant by putting a razor blade in her burger, and, spoiler alert: She failed. Hard. Just a quick warning: This story will give you some serious secondhand embarrassment.

Police from the Eunice Police Department in Louisiana say that on Friday, May 15th, they were called to Mercy Regional Medical Center. There, a 29-year-old woman named Correill Bradley claimed that she had injured her mouth on a razor blade she found in the sandwich she had purchased at a local fast food chain restaurant. Bradley told police she had bought her food from the restaurant, and when she bit into the sandwich, she felt something strange, and then she felt pain. According to police, she went home and found the razor blade inside the sandwich.


Here’s the thing, though: When officers investigated the incident further, they found that the injury appeared to be self-inflicted, as it was not consistent with biting into the object. Police said that after examining both the sandwich and the razor blade, they couldn’t find any signs that the blade had been in the sandwich. Later, when they looked at security footage of the restaurant, they were able to see that no one had put a razor blade inside her sandwich. Yikes!!

It gets worse, though. From there, police gathered security footage from local stores that sold similar razor blades to the one in the case. They were actually able to find a store that was missing a pack of razor blades from their inventory, and then discovered from surveillance footage that Bradley had, in fact, stolen the razor blades right before buying her sandwich. So not only was she caught planting a razor blade into a sandwich, but she was also caught stealing said razor blades. Double yikes!!


Why would one go to all of this effort to make it seem like she was being injured eating a sandwich? Why would one voluntarily bite into a razor blade? It seems like the answer is simple: money. The officers also revealed that Bradley had filed an insurance claim with the restaurant’s insurance and was in the process of looking for an Attorney for Personal Injury the day the reported the incident.


Bradley was arrested on charges of Criminal Mischief and Theft, but the investigation is still ongoing, and Chief Randy Fontenot says that other charges are still possible.

Lesson learned: Don’t try to plant foreign objects in your food to get money out of a restaurant, because you probably will get caught. And is it really worth it in the end? Definitely not.

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