“Vasectomy Cakes” Are The Latest Trend Parents Are Losing It Over

vasectomy cakes

We love any reason to celebrate — and it looks like we’re not alone. Parents are losing their ish over “vasectomy cakes,” the latest trend to take Instagram by storm. Yeah, that’s right. People are getting cakes to celebrate the old snip snip, and TBH, they’re really freaking funny.

According to Delish, the vasectomy cake trend seemingly started with Nashville-based bakery Signature Desserts.

On March 8th, Signature Desserts posted a pic of their lemon-themed “Happy Vasectomy” cake, which read, “100% Juice No Seeds.” However, Signature Desserts wasn’t the first to turn a vasectomy into a party.

Actually, over the past few years, several parents have celebrated their decision to stop procreating with sugary desserts.

Some cakes read, “Snip Snip Hooray.” Others simply say, “Aww nuts.” They’re punny, silly, and weird as hell. But hey, who are we to rain on their vasectomy parade?

One mom of two threw her husband an entire party, which she themed “Balls Voyage,” Delish reports.

She had her two kids wear shirts that read “Swim Team Survivor,” and guests snacked on sausage appetizers and a sperm-decorated cake. We certainly hope everyone invited had a good sense of humor.

The creative options for a vasectomy cake are endless.

And thankfully, people are posting their cakes to social media, so we have a plethora of inspiration.

Cute. But also, ouch.

Sweet and simple, just like a vasectomy. Right?

RIP, sperm. RIP.

Y’all had a good run. Go towel off.

So long. Farewell.

“Hi, could I order a cake with a deceased sperm on it? Thank you.”

This one reads “Sorry for your loss.” Brutal.

Vasectomy cupcakes are also very much a thing. And one can get really creative with them.

And one can also get pretty graphic. Warning: these cupcakes have little penises on them.

Every guest at the vasectomy party can get a “no sperm allowed” treat. They’ll be shocked and in awe, for sure.

We also are laughing pretty darn hard at these vasectomy cookies. The puns are unbelievable.

“So….vasectomy parties are a thing! I never knew until I got the request for these,” one baker wrote on Instagram. Uh, same!

The frozen peas are really getting us going. A dude’s gotta do what a dude’s gotta do.

We never thought we’d feel bad for frosting crying sperm. How strange.

Treat the recently sperm-free man in your life to a vasectomy cake, cupcake, or cookie.

We can’t say they’ll appreciate it, but hopefully they’ll at least get a good laugh.

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