This Viral Pizza Tweet Will Help You Save Money Next Time You Order One

pizza math

Rent and bills aside, groceries are an obvious component of anyone’s budget. And while this (hopefully) includes staples like fruits and veggies, we can’t forget about the most essential food of all time: pizza. Besides, it’s usually the solution to most of life’s problems. Feeling stressed after a long day at work? Buy pizza. Dealing with a hangover? Order a slice. Basically, there are few things a cheesy pie can’t fix, which is why a tweet about pizza math — and how to get the most cheesy, saucy goodness possible — recently went viral.

The tweet, which was posted by Fermat’s Library, demonstrates that one 18-inch pie actually contains more pizza than two 12-inch pies. This might seem counter-intuitive, but the latter isn’t as simple as adding 12 plus 12. Instead, determining the size of two 12-inch pies means calculating the area, which equals 226 square inches. Meanwhile, one 18-inch pie equals 254 square inches, or 28 square inches more.

Remember, a pizza is a circle. And in order to calculate the area of a circle, you need to consider things like radius and pi. (No pun intended.) But thanks to heroes like Fermat’s Library, you won’t need to bother with the calculations.

The takeaway? It’s better to order one 18-inch pie, especially if you’re feeding a crowd. It will also likely be cheaper than ordering two 12-inch pies, so you can save some cash in the process.

Fermat’s Library casually shared this math tweet in early January.

As you can imagine, pizza lovers on Twitter are losing their minds over this little-known fact…

LOL, true.

The wonderful world of pizza math will benefit parents, too.

Needless to say, ordering a pie will never be the same again.

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