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16 Genius Food Subscription Boxes to Get Your Mom for Mother’s Day

Growing up, my mom worked for our local news station. She had the craziest hours and I rarely got to see her during the week since I was at school and the last news broadcast was at 10 p.m. every night. With all the hard work she was doing by providing for our family, home-cooked meals were nonexistent.

Eventually, her hours changed dramatically and instead of only seeing my mom before school, she got to pick me up every day. Some days she would make dinner and other days I would just make what I wanted since that was what I was used to. I always enjoyed our family meals together. Now that I live in California and my brothers are in Kansas City, we can’t have those meals together as often as we would like back in St. Louis.

So, to make up for all those meals we missed, I thought I would do something about that. Since I can’t be there to cook for her maybe I can send some meals using food subscriptions. They’re also pretty much the gifts to get someone if you’re not totally sure what to get them. Everyone loves a subscription box.

I mean, who’s going to say no to free food that comes every week/month? Not mom! Time to show your appreciation with a meal that she doesn’t have to spend all day cooking. Every week or month, she will have the most delicious and well-deserved food from around the world.

Here are the 16 food subscriptions every type of mom will brag about for Mother’s Day.

For the world traveler…


1. Bon Appetit

Perfect for French foodie fanatics. Your mom will be opening a box full of gourmet and authentic snacks straight out of France. From Fleur de Sel Caramels to French Pure Butter Cookies, mom will never go hungry with a sweet tooth like this. There are a few more subscriptions to choose from and they usually range in the $30 a month range. Sound like the box for you? Head on over to Bon Appetit for a closer look.

2. MunchPak

So, momma likes to try new things, eh? Have you heard of this box before? It starts at $9.95 so you can definitely afford this (even at the last minute). You can choose between three boxes and they all contain snacks and goodies from around the world. Mom can travel while sitting on the couch and watching HGTV on her iPad all at the same time (at least that sounds like my mom).

For the wine and cocktail enthusiast…


3. Saloonbox Curated Cocktails

Every month, your mom will receive a new kit and recipe for that month’s theme. May’s kit was dedicated to Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day! Not only will she get checklists and directions, but top-shelf spirits and all for $37.50 a month. Sound like something mom would be into? Saloonbox will make her the life of any party.

4. Vinebox

Here we go, what every mother dreams of. WINE. EVERY. MONTH. Vinebox delivers three samples from all over the world to your mother’s kitchen. Starting at $25 a month, you’ll also find tasting notes, recommendations, and pairings inside this subscription box.

For the coffee commander…


5. MistoBox

Coffee. Coffee. Coffee! Mistobox offers whole bean coffee roasted and customized to your preferences. You can have a box for just $20 a month. You can even find a ceramic mug and coffee handbook on their site for those coffee breathing humans. Is mom one of them?

6. Driftaway Coffee

Is mom a little more up to date on technology? Driftaway Coffee starts with a tasting kit of a few coffees and you’ll rate them on an app where it will automatically match you up with the best coffee based on your ratings. You can even keep track of the favorites. The tasting kit includes a fruity light roast, classic medium roast, a balanced medium roast, and a bold dark roast. All of that for only $16 every month.

For the health nuts…


7. Daily Harvest

Alright, alright, we’re getting a little fancier. You can either order a weekly or a monthly plan starting at $6.99 per cup through Daily Harvest. You can choose from smoothies, parfaits, bowls, sundaes, soups, and lattes. So if your momma is looking to eat a bit healthier or this is already her lifestyle, Daily Harvest might be perfect for her. Honestly, I might order this for myself.

8. Green Blender

Besides being aesthetically appealing, Green Blender offers some of the healthiest drinks out there. Choose your recipes and they will be delivered fresh to your mom’s door in an insulated box. All that is left to do is blend for the easiest breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Try items like “Oatmeal Cookie Superfood Cereal” or “Carrot Coconut Zinger” for about $50 per shipments, but no delivery fee and entirely worth it.

For the dessert divas…


9. Dylan’s Candy Bar Box

Does mom have a sweet tooth that cannot possibly be contained? Look no further than Dylan’s Candy Bar where she’ll have the option between a full box solely dedicated to chocolates ($36 a month) or explore the signatures of the candy shop ($40 a month).

10. The Cravory Cookie Box

Maybe mom is a secret cookie monster. This box is one you should check out for Mother’s Day. Choose between a one and two dozen cookie box depending on how much you think she can handle. For $25, she can indugle in the best seller’s mix which includes Birthday Cake, Almond Joyous, and even Red Velvet.

For the sauce & spice connoisseur…


11. RawSpiceBar

Time to get spicy in the kitchen! Choose the best plan for your mom and you can even fill out a quiz to cater to your tastes. If she has any health allergies, RawSpiceBar takes everything into account. Mom will get to try new spices every month and will have something to talk about when she calls next Sunday. You can choose to ship quarterly or yearly.

12. Heat Seeker Box

Does momma like da heat? We found the spiciest gift just in time for Mother’s Day. Heat Seeker comes with seasonings, salsas, hot sauces, condiments, jerky, jellies, snacks, and more. Get your snack on for $45 every three months. No more boring food when she can kick it up a notch with this gift.

For the BBQ beauties…


13. Butcher Box

The Butcher Box is filled with a variety of cuts and delivered to the door for the ultimate cookout every time. 100% grass-fed and finished beef for the highest of quality. Get it for mom today starting at $129 for 24 servings. Oh. My. Yum.

14. Pig of the Month Club

We’re not stopping there when it comes to BBQ. You can’t skip all the bacon and ribs this holiday. Mom would absolutely get a kick out of this club (better than books?!). Every bacon lover needs this in their life. You’ll get two different flavors for $43 per month. I mean…can you think of anything better?

For the homecooked meal lovers…


15. Plated

Finally, for those classic homecooked meals, we have Plated. Personalize your meal plans with a flexible subscription and easy to follow directions that will be less than an hour. Like OKAY. SIGN ME UP. Starting at $48 for 2 meals a week your mom could be eating like the queen she is.

16. Green Chef

The meals that keep on giving. Show mom how much you really care by splurging on only the best for the best. Green Chef has her covered from gluten-free to vegan and everything in between. Prices vary on what plan you choose. If you’re shopping for a gluten-free mom, then it’ll run you about $40 for three recipes for the week.