People Are Really Upset Over Gordon Ramsay’s Latest Career Move

June 25, 2019

Never one to shy away from controversy, Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay is back in hot water again, thanks to a show so fresh it hasn’t even aired yet. Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted will be shown on National Geographic, starting on Sunday, July 21st, and the first trailer is giving us a taste of what’s to come.

Ramsay is most famous for shows including Kitchen Nightmares, Hotel Hell, Hell’s Kitchen, and The F Word, in which he rules over various kitchens, loudly and forcefully berating any unfortunate cook who fails to meet his exacting standards. In short, Gordon Ramsay shows serve up a main of red hot temper seasoned with curse words that would make a sailor blush. Until now, because as the name suggests, Uncharted sees Ramsay step far out of his comfort zone, heading to countries including Laos, Morocco, New Zealand, Peru, Hawaii, and Alaska.

Here’s the trailer:

This is where the controversy comes in, controversy that started when the series was first announced way back in June 2018. At that point, National Geographic described the show as a kind of culinary round-the-world trip meets cooking contest, in which Ramsay tries out various daring local pastimes while also challenging local chefs by putting his own spin on their food. Er, what?

The idea of a self-described “pink man from Great Britain” traveling to other countries to show the people there how to cook their own food better left a bad taste with some viewers:

The name of the show implies that these places are new, when they are very much inhabited, calling to mind another white explorer:

People were especially disappointed in National Geographic for their role:

Some felt so strongly that even videos of dolphins could not deter them from canceling their subscriptions:

These past criticisms may explain why the just-released trailer plays down the competitive side to focus on Ramsay looking uncharacteristically afraid as he tries out various customs in the places he’s visiting.

But the colonial undertones/cultural appropriation weren’t the only issues people had with the series.

It reminds some people a little too strongly of Anthony Bourdain’s beloved series, Parts Unknown, in which Bourdain (another white chef) set out to discover new food from around the world.

While Ramsay has a reputation for being… shall we say, hostile, Bourdain was always respectful of his hosts.

Given the obvious comparisons, many people are not expecting great things from Uncharted:

Ramsay isn’t the only one with anger issues:

Easy there, Drayson.

However, Ramsay still has his loyal fans:

And some new ones who are all aboard with this new premise:

Some predicted this show long ago.

But has Ramsay actually broken off a new leaf?

If you can stomach the awkwardness, tune in to find out.