This Grocery Store Is Selling Gummy Bear Meat, And No

This Grocery Store Is Selling Meat With Candy In It, And The Photo Will Make You Frown

Back when I was a kid, I still remember my parents forcing vegetables and particularly unappealing dinners on me. It happens in every household that doesn’t serve exactly what kids want seven days a week. Sometimes, meals are just “bad” (AKA not candy and snacks) and kids will revolt.

Even though bribery is often a good way to get the food down, not every parent chooses to go down that road. For a guardian who says “you can’t have dessert until you finish your dinner,” you have another who doesn’t offer dessert to begin with. And then there’s the much slimmer category — the kind who mixes dinner and dessert as one. Yes, we’re for real.

Thanks to Reddit, the world is now aware of pork gummy brats. You heard that right. It’s an actual pork brat patty with gummy bears mixed in.

Let me be the one to say it first. Ew.

Judging by the picture, it reminds me a little bit of olive loaf. If you’re unfamiliar with olive loaf, just know that the name and the way it looks shouldn’t take away from the way it tastes. Because, in general, olives are pretty good. But olives mashed up into meat? That’s much less cool.

This photo was posted on Reddit’s subreddit of ShittyFoodPorn, and they definitely got the category right. Ready to see what it looks like?


Local grocery store keeping it original. from r/shittyfoodporn

Sadly, this is no joke. You can see at least two gummy bears embedded inside.

The only gummy patty I can give props to is this one. It’s candy at its finest, and (unless you eat the entire bag) won’t get you sick.

Of course, Reddit had some great comments when it came to this type of gummy pork. This one will definitely make you laugh.

It also reminded people of a product that’d be released from the Sweetums company on Parks & Recreation. Would Ron Swanson approve of this?


However, as a fan of meat, Ron Swanson may have already heard about these gummy brats. Supposedly, they have been spotted in a few grocery stores.

Someone credited Bizarre Foods America for making them slightly popular. The show, which got its start in 2012, features Andrew Zimmern traveling to find the weirdest combinations out there.


Someone else said that it’s actually become pretty common, and likely started out due to boredom. If you’re making brats all day and feel the need to spice them up a bit, why not give something like this a shot?

The picture might look a little gross, but plenty of Redditors think that the experiment is actually not a bad idea. After all, gummy bears are mostly made of gelatin, which comes from animals.

Need more proof that gummy brats are legit? People have been quick to share their own sightings on Instagram.

The fact that the brat above is listed as a “manager’s special” makes the photo even funnier. But obviously, he’s putting his own reputation on the fact that the gummy brat isn’t a terrible idea.

In this photo, the gummy bears could be mistaken for mold. That’s why it’s pretty important that these are all labeled, especially if someone isn’t ready to experience a brat like this.

This grocery store also sells Skittles brats, which sounds even worse. Skittles became gelatin-free in 2010, which means that these would probably just taste like fruity meat. Probably. (Even if I had access, I don’t know if I’m brave enough to try them and prove my theory wrong.)

The Smokehouse label is even marketing their own gummy bear brats. That means that they have faith that these things will sell.

The interesting thing is that when they’re on the grill, they don’t look any different than any standard barbecue meat. Is it possible that you can serve these things up at your barbecue and your guests wouldn’t even know?

I think that gummy bears are a great addition. To desserts, that is. Maybe I’m missing out, but these are just two foods that make for an awkward pairing.