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People Are Mystified By This Untouched In-N-Out Burger On A Street In New York

I was born and raised an East Coast girl. I’ve experienced Sheetz, Wawa, Shake Shack, and even a Tim Horton’s based on a quick trip to Canada. But it took until 2012 for me to try a burger from In-N-Out. The chain is notorious throughout all of America, but only those who live to the west of Kansas City, according to the NY Post, have gotten to experience In-N-Out whenever they want.

The chain just simply doesn’t exist on the East Coast. And I’d be lying to you if I told you that I didn’t plan my honeymoon around finally trying out one of their infamous burgers. Let’s just say, I stopped there more than once that week.

There are plenty of reasons why companies like In-N-Out haven’t expanded throughout the United States. They know that even one location in the East Coast would be extremely profitable, since even celebrity chefs have signature In-N-Out orders. That says something.

In-N-Out is also a popular hangout for celebrities after award shows that air on the West Coast. So if you live near one, it’s almost like you can experience an Oscars after-party without even having to RSVP.

So, now that you know what you know, this story will baffle you even more. One lone In-N-Out burger did make it to the East Coast, in pristine condition.

But sadly, it wasn’t even consumed. It just sat on the street, waiting for someone to notice it.

Lincoln Boehm first spotted the burger in Queens. “It was a startling and terrifying experience running into that burger,” he said to TIME.

The burger was wrapped, and there were no bites taken out of it. It was just right there, miles and miles away from where it was made. Weird, right?

“It was like comedically propped up. It felt like somebody was going to come around the corner with a camera or have Ashton Kutcher jump out at me,” Boehm continued.

The burger itself couldn’t have met a better person that day. Not only is Boehm a fan of In-N-Out, but he’s eaten there so much that he’s familiar with what makes an In-N-Out burger different from the competition. He was able to tell that it was an original.

“It was like looking at a piece of art. I was scared to touch it,” he further explained. “It was like I was at the Met, and was a little nervous to get too close to the painting.”

The mystery has everyone puzzled. Even In-N-Out doesn’t seem to know how one of their burgers made it so far in such excellent condition.

But at the very least, it’s a harmless mystery that everyone can wager a guess in. Perhaps someone ordered a bunch and had them delivered to the East Coast, in the longest GrubHub trip of all time?

Or, maybe an ex-chef at In-N-Out moved to the East Coast and wanted to perform some sort of con. It really is a lot like art, if you think about it.

Of course, when this story went viral, people couldn’t help but joke. Maybe planting the burger would sprout an East Coast In-N-Out.

So, what makes In-N-Out so special? For one, they have a minimal menu.

They were also well known for their “secret” menu, which has become a lot less secret in recent years. Everyone loves a burger chain where they feel like they’re in on the surprise.

Aside from that, the burgers are just really good. The company knows what they’re doing.

Will we ever see an East Coast In-N-Out? If so, it may take some time.

According to Reader’s Digest, the two main issues are quality and exclusivity. The company doesn’t have any freezers, so they work close to one patty-making company that’s on the West Coast.

Also, why fix something that’s broken? Why not have people like me schedule their honeymoon around their delicious burgers? It was worth the trip, and I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

But if you happen to be the next person to pass an In-N-Out burger sitting on the street, you might want to go ahead and contact Boehm online. Because obviously, a mystery is afoot.