Jennifer Lopez Has Only One Food On Her Mind While Working Out

Jennifer Lopez Tells Us What Food Is Really On Her Mind While Working Out

If you’re looking for someone to model your fitness routine after, you should look directly at Jennifer Lopez. The artist best known as J. Lo has always been fit and healthy, and her background in dance is likely the reason why. It’s almost difficult to believe that she’s 50, but is just further proof that age is only a number. With patience and a routine like J. Lo has, anything is possible.

Of course, J. Lo is also human. Lopez has a lot on her plate pretty much all the time. The Maid in Manhattan star is recently engaged to Alex Rodriguez, and she’s also the mother of twins Max and Emme with ex Marc Anthony. She’ll have four children total when she weds Rodriguez, as he also has two. She’s also working on a ton of projects, one of the most notable being the television production of Bye Bye Birdie Live! Lopez will be playing Rose Alvarez in the production, which has unfortunately hit a few timing setbacks since it was initially announced.

So, the pressure is probably on to keep her exercise routine in check. Sooner or later, everyone in America will be watching the live show. So, how does J. Lo motivate herself?

Easy. She dreams about a big plate of cookies.

The news was revealed in a video that Rodriguez posted to YouTube. In it, the two can be seen at a gym that’s close to the Dallas Cowboys’ practice field.

The fact that they work out together is cute enough. But, knowing that Lopez craves sweets like everyone else is just endearing and proves she has a bit of a sweet tooth.

Lopez made time to hang with her future hubby. The video was taken right before a date on her It’s My Party tour, which started up on June 7th and is due to wrap up on August 11th.

Speaking of family, the tour is full of it. According to Billboard, daughter Emme sings the song “Limitless” at one point, and it’s both fantastic and emotional to see.

In the video, Rodriguez talks about the importance of a healthy diet. As he was a star athlete, it’s a topic he knows well.

But Lopez admits it’s not always that easy. “I want comfort, you know what I mean?” she states. “But that’s like the devil; it’s like the little demons coming to get you.”

Then, she admits it’s either cupcakes or cookies on her mind after playing a show. “You have to feed yourself better, you know. But after a show I just want a cookie, I want a cupcake, I feel like I’ve just danced for 2 hours so I want something,” she says. “But I can’t.”

Note: She can. She earned it. And hopefully, she allows herself a little time to indulge every once in a while.

It’s a reminder that dieting and exercise are all part of J. Lo’s job. If she didn’t keep up with fitness, it’d be harder for her to perform all those moves on tour.

That quote may have also been in regard to self-control. We all saw the feast that Lopez and Rodriguez had after they completed a 10-day diet with no sugar — and it looked amazing.

Curious about what Lopez eats? The triple threat celebrity admitted to Hello! Magazine that she’s always carrying water around and keeping herself hydrated.

She also reportedly cut out alcohol and caffeine entirely. That’s literally one of the hardest celebrity diet tips out there to stick by, especially since coffee is such an important part of a morning routine.

Aside from that, she eats clean. “I have her eating very clean because she needs really good fuel for all the things that she’s doing,” her trainer Tracy Anderson once stated. “It’s all organic and it’s all very well thought out, with the balance of very high-quality proteins and a lot of nutrient-dense food… everything is fresh.”

Seriously —this woman practices the key elements of health. I think one cookie wouldn’t be the end of the world.