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JetBlue Just Changed Their Soda From Coke To Pepsi, And People Are Freaking Out

Are you a Coke or Pepsi person? You can’t be “either,” because that apparently doesn’t exist. If you’re with Coke, you’re ride or die. And if you’re with Pepsi, you’re in the “Coke is gross” camp. So what was JetBlue thinking when they made the switch from serving Coca-Cola to Pepsi on board their flights? Had they literally gone mad? It’s like switching the official airline Hogwarts House from Gryffindor to Slytherin. People are not going to be okay with that. (Sorry, is my nerd showing?)

When the airline made the announcement, they said in an internal memo that Today published — as if they hadn’t just ignited the furies of hell — “We’re refreshing our core complimentary beverage line-up to offer customers exciting new product options they’ve asked for, while also bringing sustainability benefits, and controlling growing costs.” Could it also be because Pepsi is blue, and Coke is red, we wonder?

The change takes place on June 3rd. It’s coming up!

If you can’t stomach Pepsi, the airline will also serve Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Sierra Mist Zero Sugar, Bubbly Lime Sparkling Water, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Canada Dry Seltzer, and Canada Dry Tonic.

Things don’t always go well for airlines that make big changes like this, though. Back in 2002, United switched from Coke to Pepsi and it launched a full-on war. According to The Points Guy, a flight attendant confessed, “Frequent flyers have routines… and when you when you change anything for people it is really jarring — and especially in a place like air travel, where people sort of have to check their control at the door of the airplane.”

A common comment she got?

“‘It’s not called Pepsi and Jack — it’s called Jack and Coke!'” and this makes a lot of sense. Coca-Cola is a much bigger company, with the name “Coke” having way more global recognition. In fact, several Southern states in the U.S.A. refer to “soda” as Coke, no matter what the flavor is! Want a Ginger Ale? Ask for a Coke.

Plus, Coke is way, way more likely to be found on board most airplanes. In fact, only a handful of airlines serve Pepsi, according to The Point Guys.

Of course, the internet has feelings about all of this — and why wouldn’t they? When it comes down to something as die-hard as a soda rivalry, there’s no room for staying quiet.

Obviously, some people are totally appalled and make no qualms about hiding that fact. One person just flat-out says it:

Of course, some people are down with Pepsi. Like Clay Aiken, who tweeted enthusiastically about the switch. We wonder if he has some sort of deal with Pepsi, perhaps?

Of course, people had some words for Aiken. And they weren’t in agreement:

We wonder what the real issue is, though.

Are people just fiercely brand loyal or does Pepsi really taste that bad? Apparently, yes. It really tastes that bad:

People are finding it hard to come to terms with the switch. People are saying that this news only contributes to the ever-depressing cycle of news we read each and every week:

Some people refuse to fly with the airline again. Is that too harsh?

Even the Pepsi fans can’t really stand up for their tastes. One user simply calls their preference for Pepsi weird! Stand by your convictions, people!

One person suggests that they should serve both. It’s not a bad idea!

Or maybe people should just have non-sweetened ice tea, a healthier option? The truth is, soda isn’t very good for you. 

But, as one person so deftly puts it, it really doesn’t matter, does it? All we really need while flying is the pilot to be alert, the engines to work, and the weather to be kind. Everything else is just a bonus. We’re capable of flying through a tin can at 500 miles per hour. Shouldn’t that be enough?

Beyond the Coke and Pepsi drama, JetBlue is also going to begin pouring water into reusable cups from large water bottles.

They’re not the first airline to do this. And that’s a good thing!

Airlines should be sustainable and ethical in their practices — and in the end, what matters is that the airplane works, not the kinds of soda they serve.