Keep Your Cake from Turning Into a Mistake with These Seven Easy Fixes!

By: So Yummy
June 09, 2018

Overflowing Batter?

Pour the right amount of cake batter every time. No more nasty oven messes!

Materials needed:

  • butter knife


Mess-Free Mixing

If only there was a mixing cover that worked with you. Now there is!

Materials needed:


Perfectly Covered Chocolate Strawberries

This hack is life changing!

Materials needed:


Moist Cake

Not only will your cake be moist, it’ll have a bit of sweetness in every bite!

Materials needed:

  • leftover honey
  • hot water


Easy Ganache

Ever tried to fight with sticky frosting before and lost half the cake to it? Drop the frosting spatula and just pour!

Materials needed:


Perfectly Greased Cake Pan

Just add a little bit of flavoring to your softened butter before greasing the pan and you won’t have that buttery taste at the bottom of your cakes anymore!

Materials needed:


Smudge-Free Cake Tip

Don’t ruin all of your hard work! Preserve your frosting with some chopsticks and saran wrap.

Materials needed: