Kids Are Messing With Their Moms By Texting Them About This Turkey "Shortcut"

Kids Are Messing With Their Moms By Texting Them About This Turkey “Shortcut”

Parents — they love us and want the best for us, and still fear for our lives on a daily basis. This year, kids on their own are finding a brand new way to make mom nervous — by threatening to poison family and friends. They’re sending dear old mom a text asking the best way to microwave their whole Thanksgiving turkey, and posting the funny and disappointed reactions online.

As you know, turkey prep is a serious thing. Home chefs spend days preparing their bird and take pride in setting their dinner apart from the rest. If you have a frozen turkey on the day-of, you’re bound to be disappointed. Turkeys need the proper time to thaw, and many people choose to brine theirs for additional flavor. That process can take another day or so.

Needless to say, the only time a microwave should be involved is when you want to reheat the leftovers. But here’s the thing — sometimes, humor is tough to pick out through text message. And even if moms trust your cooking skills 100%, they don’t want to risk any sort of miscommunication. So unless you’re a head chef who pulls text pranks on your mom all the time, results will likely be hilarious.

Here are just a few people who’ve pranked their mothers with the microwaveable turkey joke:

This one ended up sharing a little more than he should have:

And this guy’s mom is way cooler than he may have realized:

So, is this a challenge you should partake in? Maybe — if your mom has a good sense of humor. Just make sure to tell her it’s a joke soon after seeing her reaction. You’ve caused mom plenty of panic in her life already, so it’s important that she knows she raised you with a little bit of common sense.