If You're A Manager At In-N-Out, You Make More Money Than A Pharmacist

If You’re A Manager At In-N-Out, You Make More Money Than A Pharmacist

Looking for a new job? Well, you might want to consider fast food management. It might sound crazy, but one popular chain out there is paying managers a ton of money — think six figures. But it’s not a nationwide chain, so if you live on the East Coast, it might be time to move.

Known for their secret menu and tasty food, In-N-Out reportedly pays its managers an annual average salary of $160,000 or more. It’s a tough job — and heavily based around customer service — but most six-figure salary occupations come with some added responsibility. Still, it’s a great way to make a living.

If you’re already a fan of In-N-Out, it might be a solid career change. What’s better than supporting the companies you love? (Plus, aside from the money, surely there are some pretty decent food perks.)

The salary was first reported by the California Sun, who noted that the high salary was more than the average for architects, lawyers, and software engineers. And that’s not all — CareerMatch reports that a pharmacist makes, on average, somewhere around $120,270 annually. That means that In-N-Out managers have the potential to earn 40k more than someone who had to attend a specific school for their career.

These wages are reportedly three times higher than manager wages at other chains. So if you’re currently at McDonald’s or Burger King, maybe it’s time you apply.

“In-N-Out is just eons above everybody else,” Saru Jayaraman, leader of the Food Labor Research Center at U.C. Berkeley, said to the California Sun. “On wages and benefits, they really are the best large chain.”

The theory is, if employees are treated right — with livable wages, benefits, and paid vacation — they’ll be more likely to care about the work they do.  There will also be a lot less turnover, meaning that staff members won’t have to constantly take time to train new employees. For those who’ve worked in fast food and retail, you know that after a while, you become less enthusiastic about training staff who might end up quitting a week later. So a maneuver like this boosts morale all around.

It would be nice if more companies took note. The best way for a company to grow is to have happy staff who genuinely love the work they do.

Have you heard of In-N-Out’s not-so-secret secret menu? Want to know more? They have all the info you need on their website (which is especially helpful if you plan to make some dough there one day).