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Meat-Scented Candles Are Here, In Case You Didn’t Know What To Get Dad For Father’s Day

Candles have clearly come a long way. Enter any Target, Bath & Body Works, or Anthropologie location, and the candle scents to choose from are overwhelming. Vanilla and cucumber melon, who? Now, candle companies evoke anything from the smell of old libraries to your favorite cereal. So it’s not so surprising that a meat-scented candle exists, because if you think about it, it was only a matter of time.

On May 30th, A1 — you know, the steak sauce — released a trifecta that no one saw coming. A1 now has three meat-scented candles for sale. The scents are (drum roll and open mind, please): original meat candle, classic burger candle, and backyard BBQ. So, who exactly would want a meat-scented candle? Well, Father’s Day *is* coming up and not to be too leaning on stereotypes, but dads do like grilling meat! Instead of getting Dad a new grilling tool or BBQ cookbook, why not get him something he can light up in his office or on his bedside table?

The candles are budget-friendly, too — just $15 a pop, and they burn for 50-70 hours. Plus, they look like little A1 bottles in candle form. Cute!

Photo by A.1

On A1 ‘s scented candle website you can find a a heartfelt message sent to all their doubters:

“We know our saucy tang resonates with dad. So bring it home to him in a different way. A candle that will LIGHT the way to his heart. Isn’t that original?”

Sold. Pardon me while I proceed in buying meat candles and out-gift all my sibling this year, and remain my father’s favorite child.