Mickey Mouse Teamed Up With Goldfish To Create These Exclusive Cheddar Crackers

Mickey Mouse Teamed Up With Goldfish To Create These Exclusive Cheddar Crackers

Our favorite childhood icons are coming together to celebrate a huge milestone. Disney’s Mickey Mouse is turning 90 years old on November 18th — 90 years old! (To us, he’s ageless.) To celebrate the big nine-oh, Mickey is teaming up with our favorite kiddie snack, Goldfish, and the ever-comforting Campbell’s Soup to bring some nostalgic goodness to the masses.

On October 1st, Pepperidge Farm will release limited-edition red Goldfish crackers in the recognizable Mickey Mouse shape. Available exclusively at Target, these Mickey Mouse Goldfish crackers will only be available for Mickey’s 90th year, so stock up before the celebration ends on October 1st, 2019.

Three different versions of Mickey Mouse will also appear on individual Campbell’s Tomato Soup cans. Target shoppers will get their pick of Steamboat Willie Mickey, 1930s Mickey, or modern-day Mickey. We’ll absolutely collect all three.

Mickey Mouse is, of course, the brainchild of famous animator Walt Disney. His creation spawned from an upset between Disney and Universal Pictures after Universal retained the rights to Disney’s first successful cartoon character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. In a fit of frustration and eager to succeed outside of Universal, Disney and fellow animator Ub Iwerks dreamed up Mickey Mouse to replace Oswald.

Originally, Disney named Mickey “Mortimer Mouse,” but Mrs. Disney reportedly disapproved of the name. So, Mortimer was soon Mickey.

Pepperidge Farm

The creation of Mickey Mouse and his appearance in the monumental feat that was Steamboat Willie, which was the first film to sync animation to music and sound, set Disney on the path to greatness. It’s thanks to Mickey that the Disney empire is what it is today.

And it’s also thanks to Mickey that we have this amazing new mashup of childhood nostalgia:


Head to your local Target come October 1st to check out the Mickey Mouse x Goldfish x Campbell’s collaboration. Then, on November 18th, wish everyone’s favorite cartoon mouse a very happy 90th birthday.