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Naked Skittles Are Here, And Is This Really Necessary?

You’ve probably never turned down a pack of Skittles — tasting the rainbow is far too important of a task. The candy originated back in Britain in 1974, but became popular in the United States after domestic production began in 1982. They’re nowhere near as old as M&Ms or Pop Rocks, but much like M&Ms and Pop Rocks, Skittles aren’t going anywhere. Still, it’s important to keep things fresh. Which is why Skittles Chewies have been produced overseas. It sounds interesting, but feelings are mixed, as the product is missing the one thing that makes a Skittle a Skittle.

Right on the front of the package of Skittles Chewies is an announcement that’ll let candy fans know what they’re in for. “No Shell!” That’s right — these Skittles have shed their popular candy shell, and it just seems a little wrong.

Skittles fanatic (and noted Instagram food blogger) Markie Devo got to tell the world about the product. Even though he wasn’t able to get a bag himself (yet), he was more than excited. It looks like the product is only available in the U.K. for the time being, meaning you might have to travel or shell out (pun intended) some money on eBay to sample them yourself — once they are available that is.

“Dreams do come true!!!” Devo wrote. “Skittles in the UK just released a no shell Skittle!! Yes!! No shells, is this life? The flavors are Orange, Lime , Lemon , Black Current and Strawberry.”

Here’s what they look like:

A fan of Devo’s, with the handle of curvesbetweenmyribsss, was able to try them out and gave a pretty solid review. “My amazing friend got me a bag. Very nice!” they said. “Flavour didn’t seem as strong as the shell ones. But I prefer them soft. The orange ones were actually really nice.”

There’s still something that’s just a little unsettling about the product. A Skittle without its shell seems incomplete. While it’s good that the company took a risk and offered up something new, they’ll never beat the original.

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