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230 New Emojis Are Coming — And Food Lovers Are Crying Tears Of Joy

With each New Year comes new opportunities, fresh starts — oh, and exciting new emojis. The Unicode Consortium has just released its Emoji 12.0 set and tech users are about to be bombarded with 230 new emojis. In the upgrade pack, there are 59 brand new emojis and 171 variants for gender and skin tone, which is a major step forward for emoji inclusivity. However, foodies are most excited for the new food emojis within Emoji 12.0, and honestly, we can’t blame them.

It’s up to tech giants and various platforms to make their own decision as to whether or not these new emojis will be added into their libraries. However, with an upgrade this good, we have a feeling everyone will want a piece of pie, so to speak.

Emojipedia did us a solid and put together a slideshow of what the new Unicode Consortium emojis might look like. The Unicode Consortium blog also released some images from the new upgrade. Not only are we getting some deliciously good food emojis, but we can also expect new emojis that represent specific disabilities, service dogs, relationships, religious items, attire, and occupations.

This update is jam-packed with stuff we’ve been waiting for. Check out Emojipedia’s slideshow below.

We’re flipping out that we’re finally getting our favorite alliums. What’s a dish without a dash of garlic and onion?

Emojipedia / YouTube

Just think of all the vampires we can ward off with a single text. Vampire slaying has evolved to fit the modern world.

It’s going to do big things for all of us. We can’t wait.

How have we gone this long without a waffle emoji? Brunch and breakfast texts are never going to be the same.

Emojipedia / YouTube

Our inner Leslie Knopes are freaking. Just imagine what Leslie’s texts would look like after this update.

And Eleven’s, for that matter. They’d be spamming their friends with waffle emojis faster than we could say Leggo My Eggo.

Falafel and mate drink anyone? Mate drink, for those who are unaware, is a traditional caffeinated South American drink.

Emojipedia / YouTube

We stan. We stan hard.

We don’t know about you, but we’ve been waiting for a falafel emoji for ages. It’s an important part of our diet.

And we can now finally express how freezing cold we are with that ice cube emoji. Or, you know, we could use it to tell someone we like our juice boxes how we like our personalities — icy.

Emojipedia / YouTube

Our minds and souls are always the snowflake emoji. Now they can be straight-up cubes.

Although we’re more than stoked for this new update, which will hopefully hit our phones and computers in the fall, some smartphone users are still waiting for several food-related emojis. For example, where’s the white wine?

And we’re still waiting on that chef kiss emoji. Any day now, Unicode Consortium.

It looks like we’ll have to endure another round of emoji brainstorming. Hey — we’ll do anything to get that chef kiss.

We’re more than hungry for these new food emojis to get into our devices. Which one is your favorite?