Nutella Made A Change That Will Make The Rest Of 2018 So Much Better

Nutella Made A Change That Will Make The Rest Of 2018 So Much Better

Most of us remember our first time tasting Nutella. And most of us probably remember the first time we polished off a jar of Nutella. The two moments often go hand-in-hand. Just when you thought you couldn’t dig the hazelnut spread more, they made a change that’s going to give your pantry a whole new festive look.

It’s almost like they took a note from Starbucks and realized that festive containers are all the rage. They revealed three new holiday designs, and without a doubt, you’ll want to collect them all. (And then maybe buy two sets, because Nutella often doesn’t last very long.) A penguin, a reindeer — who’s likely Rudolph — and jolly old Saint Nick are each represented, with their favorite ways to eat the popular spread. They’re pretty much the perfect thing to get the Nutella lover in your life.

Ever wonder how Nutella got so popular? According to Spoon University, the spread was best known in Europe before making its way to the United States. Due to quirky publicity, such as high visibility on a 16-city U.S. food truck tour, American foodies quickly embraced the product. Of course, the fact that it tastes good on so many different products also helped a great deal.

After you enjoy your holiday jar, just think about all the cute ways you can use it to decorate.

Maybe you can reuse it as a cool container to hold your ornament hangers in.  Or if you have kids, maybe you can repurpose these by turning them into your own ornaments. Just take a look at them, and more DIY ideas will surely come your way.

These are only going to be available for a limited time, so you’ll want to stock up while you still can.