The One Thing That Heals A Heartbreak on Valentine's Day

The One Thing That Heals A Heartbreak on Valentine’s Day

I know what you’re thinking and no this thing does not include alcohol. Alcohol is a band-aid solution. Heartbreaks are serious injuries that need proper healing. You will experience some pain watching couples frolic about the city on Valentine’s Day. It’s fine. You’ll soon be okay after you face your feelings and feast on a delectable banana split.

Don’t doubt the comforting characteristics of a banana split. A banana split will provide the satisfaction and understanding that your heart needs. Eating a banana split is a journey you need to take. First, you decide which scoop of ice cream to tackle. Then tackle every distinct scoop until you are finished and full of happiness. Reference this to your heart. You must tackle every issue of this heartbreak until your heart is full again.

Grab a spoon and dig into this banana split.

“Traditional Banana Split”


  • 1cup scoop vanilla ice cream
  • 1cup scoop chocolate ice cream
  • 1cup scoop strawberry ice cream
  • large ripe banana
  • tablespoons of hot fudge
  • tablespoons strawberry ice cream topping (or fresh strawberries)
  • tablespoons crushed pineapple
  • 4 tablespoons wet walnut ice cream topping
  • whipped cream
  • cherries (I hate cherries)
  1. Line up ice cream scoops next to each other in an oval deep dish or a banana boat.
  2. Cut the ends of the banana and slice in half
  3. Put each half on each side of the ice cream row
  4. Top the vanilla ice cream with the pineapple, the chocolate with the chocolate syrup and the strawberry with the strawberry sauce.
  5. Spoon the wet walnuts over all three scoops of ice cream.
  6. Top each scoop with some whipped cream and a cherry for each

Enjoy Valentine’s Day with your banana split. Love will find you again!