Pam From “The Office” (AKA, Jenna Fischer) Has The Strangest Food Habit

May 23, 2018

We all take part in some weird food habits from time to time, even if we don’t like to discuss it. I, for example, like almost all of my food cooked so thoroughly that it is basically burnt. I like the extra crunchiness, even though a lot of people think it’s bordering on disgusting (it’s fine. I’m not ashamed!). Celebrities are not immune to this — even the most famous among us do some pretty odd things when eating sometimes. Pam from The Office — sorry, I mean Jenna Fischer, her actual name — is one example. Fischer has the strangest food habit, but you know what? I could actually get behind this one!

Fischer recently talked all things food with Delish after hanging out in an elevator in New York City’s 30 Rock building. Of course, this begs the question as to why Fischer was spending more time than necessary in an elevator, and don’t worry, there’s a good answer for that. She was working with Blue Bunny to show anyone who may have walked in their eight new Load’d Sundaes, which, by the way, look delicious. (There’s a Chocolate Brownie Bomb Sundae that you probably need in your life.) Afterwards, Fischer revealed some of her food habits, and one of them definitely stood out.

Apparently, in the privacy of her own home, Fischer allows herself to get really carried away with a dish she absolutely loves.


She told Delish, “If I really like something, like my ice cream or my salad dressing, I’ll lick my bowl. It’s horrible manners, but sometimes it’s just so good.” So you know when people make dramatic statements like, “It was so good, I nearly licked the bowl clean?” It turns out some people actually do that. Not that we can blame Fischer, of course. She’s right — sometimes you just need to get every last bit of whatever you’re eating!

What else does Fischer do when it comes to food? She said that she eats pretty much the same thing for breakfast and dinner every day. Breakfast is usually eggs and fruit (she told Delish that she’s tried other breakfast foods — her go-to egg breakfast just fills her up more, which is why she eats it every single day), while dinner is typically one of a few choices, like stuffed peppers, salmon, tacos, and pasta.

When it comes to lunch, though, Fischer admits she has trouble staying on track with eating healthy. She said, “I’m great at starting my day with a good breakfast and ending it with a healthy dinner, but the middle of the day just becomes a big bunch of who knows what.”

Who can’t relate?