The Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kat Flavor Is Coming Back In 2019

Kit-Kat Is Bringing Back This “Vintage” Flavor, And We’re Not Sure How To Feel

We hate to say it, but… winter is coming. Okay, fine. Fall is coming, at least. And with fall, comes all the delicious flavors associated with the season — the most popular one being pumpkin. And although we love ourselves a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbs when autumn’s chill hits the air, we’re not too sure about Kit-Kat’s take on the quintessential flavor. That’s right. Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kat bars are coming back to stores just in time for the fall season, and we’re not too sure what to think about it.

When Kit-Kat first released its Pumpkin Pie flavor back in 2017, they did so to a limited amount of retailers. This year, things are going to be different. According to Delish, Kit-Kat Pumpkin Pie candies will hit stores nationwide come August.

Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats reportedly contain the classic crispy Kit-Kat wafer, but are covered in a pumpkin pie-flavored crème rather than the standard milk chocolate. We didn’t get a change to sink our fangs into the Pumpkin Pie flavor in 2017, so we can only imagine that they have the same nutmeg/cinnamon flavor as most pumpkin sweets do. Plus, the crispiness of the wafer might mimic a flaky pumpkin pie crust.

However, we’re still not totally sold on the idea.

These little sweets look pretty much the same as they did in 2017. @CandyHunting tracked a pack of Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats down at their local Pick ‘n Save.

And @JunkFoodMom found Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats at Kroger back when. This year, you’ll most likely be able to find these sweet treats at your favorite local grocery store.

And according to @JunkFoodMom, “These are spot on Pumpkin Pie flavored! Artificial flavors never tasted so good.” Hm… curious…

We supposed we’re intrigued. Okay, fine. We’ll give them a try.

Others seemingly enjoyed the new flavor, as well. Fine, we’ll taste them!

However, we’re not alone in our skepticism. When Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats first debuted, a lot of others were just as unsure.

Something just didn’t add up. Kit-Kats are meant to be chocolate-flavored, and chocolate-flavored only, right?

Rightfully, people were pissed. Some simply don’t like change.

And when it came time to try them out, others didn’t feel the same as @JunkFoodMom.

“I had high hopes for these,” @UnwrappedDaily wrote in August 2017. “However, I didn’t enjoy them because the taste is so strong and has a very intense clover flavor as well. They taste like pumpkin pie, but just too strong for me.”

Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats were suddenly the most polarizing candy on the market. We’re nervous for our future come August.

You’re either a lover or a hater when it comes to Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats. There’s simply no in-between.

We suppose there’s only one way to find out which side of the aisle we stand on. Bring ’em on.

And hey, if we don’t end up liking them, we’ll just give them to the trick-or-treaters. They can do with them what they will.

When August arrives, check your local candy aisle for Pumpkin Pie Kit-Kats. Although we hate to rush summer, we’re kind of thrilled it’s almost pumpkin spice season.

Despite the mixed reviews, you know we’re going to give them a try. We can’t resist a novelty candy.