A Ranch Dressing Spill Happened In This Maryland River

Over 8,000 Bottles Of Ranch Spilled In A River — The Photos Are INSANE

To be honest, we’re not sure if this is a tragedy or a miracle. On Saturday, March 2nd, a tractor trailer truck carrying bottles of ranch dressing crashed into Maryland’s Little Conococheague Creek, spilling its entire contents. According to Herald Mail Media, cleanup crews were still picking up the pieces of the ranch dressing spill a week after it occurred.

We are literally pouring one out for the homies we lost, and then dipping some pizza and fries into the ranch we poured out.

The crash sent both members of the driving team to the hospital on March 2nd.

The rig was carrying about 20,000 bottles of ranch dressing, 8,000 of which ended up in the creek.

Authorities didn’t realize the full extent of the mess until property owners located downstream contacted them with reports of ranch bottles clogging their shore.

“We came out and we were like, ‘Oh my gracious. It’s so much,’” Chancey Reel, who’s working for NexTow Towing to clean up the mess, told Herald Media. “So we’ve been out here like day and night trying to get all this ranch and wrappers and all kinds of stuff out of the creek.”

Crews of eight or nine people from NexTow worked every day of the week to clean up the mess. As of March 9th, Reel estimated they removed about 3,000 bottles from a single pooled area within the creek.

It took four truckloads to clear out the area.

“It’s been an adventure,” Reel said. “The whole creek is just oily from all this ranch. It’s been crazy.”

And no, the ranch could not be salvaged.

Not only did it taint the creek it ended up in, but the truck also reportedly leaked diesel fuel into the area.

We’ve come to a decision — this is pure tragedy.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time we’ve lost loads of the creamy goodness in mass quantities. In May 2018, a truck in Los Angeles also lost its very precious cargo on the highway.

RIP ranch. Ranch in peace…

Stories like this never cease to bring a tear to our eye.

The zesty, creamy concoction is too good to deserve this fate.

Some may say it’s the nectar of the gods. And those some are correct.

And if you dare say that ranch isn’t your go-to, we politely decline your offer of friendship. Sorry.

This is our kind of salad order. Hold the lettuce.

Is this what heaven looks like? Is this the Mecca of dressings?

Everything tastes good with a dollop of ranch on top. Everything.

Let. Him. Do. It.

No, ma’am. You can’t make us.

The ranch tells all. You’ve been warned.

Tell us where this is. Disclose the information!

We hope those involved in the crash are on their way to recovery.

Although, we are brokenhearted over the 8,000 victims who have ended their lives in a landfill. See you on the other side, ranch.