Fried Caramel Apple Rings Recipe

Preparation Time
44 Min
Complexity Level
4-6 People
  • 1. Slice
    10 Min

    Slice the apples into a 1/4 inch thick round shape. Hollow out the center of the slice to make a small round hole by using cookies cutter or melon baller. Use a paper towel to dry the apple slices.

  • 2. Melt
    15 Min

    Melt 1 cup of caramel in a bowl. Pick up the apple ring with a chopstick; making sure the slice hangs at the tip of the stick, use another chopstick to balance the apple ring. Lightly dip the peel of the apple slice into the melted caramel and, in a rotating motion, spin the apple ring to coat the rest of the apple peel. Do the same to the rest of the apple rings. Set them aside.

  • 3. Whisk
    4 Min

    Add 1 cup pancake mix and 2/3 cups of water in a bowl, whisk it together well.

  • 4. Pour
    10 Min

    Pour vegetable oil into a pot, heat it up until it reaches 350°F on your thermometer. Dip the caramel apple rings in the pancake mixture. Use tongs to grab them and add them to the hot oil. Turn it occasionally. Once the rings turn golden brown on both sides, remove them and rest them on a plate with paper napkins to absorb the oil.

  • 5. Dip
    5 Min

    Mix 1 cup of sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon in a bowl. Dip the rings into the cinnamon sugar mix or top them with powdered sugar.