Poppy Field Cake

Transform a plain white cake into a beautiful field of poppy flowers!
Transform a plain white cake into a beautiful field of poppy flowers!
Prep Time
1 hour 30 minutes
Total Time
2 hours
  • 1. Build Cake & Frost
    20 minutes

    Build the cake with your cooled cake layers and about 3-4 cups of buttercream. Try to make the top and the sides as smooth as possible.

  • 2. Dye Frosting
    5 minutes

    Divide the remaining buttercream into 2 small bowls, dyeing one bowl a vivid red color and the other a mossy green color.

  • 3. Pipe
    10 minutes

    Transfer the red and green buttercreams into separate piping bags or Ziploc bags. Snip off the tip of the piping bag and draw a squiggly circles in various sizes with red buttercream all over the surface of your cake. (This shape does not have to be absolutely perfect, as this technique is very forgiving, but you can use a small circle as a guide to map out your circles if needed).

  • 4. Spread
    5 minutes

    Using a butter knife or offset spatula, make a swoop motion, dragging part of the outside edge of the red circle towards the center. Repeat all around the circle until you have created all of the flower petals. Repeat this on all of the other circles until all of your flowers have petals.

  • 5. Spread
    2 minutes

    Pipe small dots of the green buttercream on the sides of some of your flowers, then, using the butter knife, drag the inside of the green dot outward in a swoop motion to create small leaves.

  • 6. Storage

    Sprinkle some poppy seeds or small black sprinkles into the center of each flower.