The New Red Velvet Kit Kat Flavor Sounds Questionable

Kit Kat Just Released A Red Velvet Flavor That Has People On The Fence

It might still be January, but it’s never too early to start taking part in the best part of February: Valentine’s Day candy. Say what you will about the day for celebrating love, but it’s hard to deny that Valentine’s Day is one of the best days of the year for candy (aside from Halloween, of course). V-Day is all about chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, and how can you really argue with that? Of course, you don’t only have to chow down on fancy chocolate truffles or chocolate-covered strawberries — there are so many other options out there. Candy hearts may not be on the shelves this year (so tragic!), but other brands seem to be making it up for it by offering special Valentine’s Day flavors… and Kit Kat is one we need to talk about.

Kit Kat has just released a flavor for Valentine’s Day that sounds… well, honestly, we’re not sure. It could be amazingly delicious, but it could also be horribly awful. It’s hard to tell at this point without taste-testing it. Of course, it’s a limited-edition flavor for February 14th, so it’s fun that they’re playing around with something, even if it ends up being less than fantastic. So what is it?

Kit Kat’s newest flavor is… drumroll please… red velvet!

The new flavor was first spotted by Instagram user @junkbanter, and according to Delish, some keen shoppers have already spotted them at Walmart stores, as well as Candy Warehouse. So yes, they might be a Valentine’s Day special, but they’re available to be tested out now.

These Red Velvet Kit Kats don’t actually look like your classic red velvet cake. Instead of being bright red, the Kit Kats are coated in a white créme, according to a representative from Hershey’s. It just has a red velvet flavor, although the candy isn’t red, which is definitely interesting.

The Red Velvet Kit Kats are available in packages of individually-wrapped candy bars, which basically makes them the perfect little gift if someone in your life loves red velvet.

So are they actually worth buying? After all, it does seem like sort of an odd combination. According to some social media users, they are definitely worth it:

A few people are basically saying they’re a new favorite:

And this person is definitely recommending them as a V-Day treat:

Some people are already asking for them for Valentine’s Day:

This user can’t wait to test them out, and we kind of agree:

Although not everyone is thrilled with them…

This user also isn’t really feeling them:

Actually, this isn’t the first time Red Velvet Kit Kats have appeared in stores. Kit Kat also had them out last year:

And most users couldn’t be happier that they’re back:

They’re worth the calories!

It’s also awesome that these Kit Kats are available in the United States. Usually all of the coolest flavors only get released in Japan, like millennial pink Kit Kats.

And in Australia, they have Kit Kat Gold bars!

So yeah, it’s about time we got something fun from Kit Kat here in the States. And we can’t wait to try them out!