Reese’s Is Being Sued For The Most Insane, White-Chocolatey Reason

July 08, 2019

If you’re a chocolate lover, then you’re probably familiar with the white chocolate debate — is white chocolate actually chocolate or candy with a mask? While some would say that the answer is clear, “Duh, it’s chocolate.” Others, including this irate Reese’s customer, beg to differ.

On June 26th, cranky chocolate fiend Curtis Winston of New York filed a class action lawsuit against The Hershey Co. over “deceptive trade practices, negligent misrepresentation, breach of express and implied warranty, fraud, and unjust enrichment,” reports the Legal Newsline.

They’re basically suing over the fact that White Reese’s (you know, the cream-colored, peanut-butter-filled cups of goodness?) are not made with white chocolate. Their argument? If the White Reese’s are just a white version of the company’s other flavors, then they must be made of chocolate, too. But the White Reese’s lack cocoa butter and, therefore, they do not actually contain white chocolate.

The ridiculous suit claims that The Hershey Co. has “intentionally failed to correct the misimpressions” of candy lovers everywhere that the sweets are covered in white chocolate.

“Defendant has taken affirmative steps for consumers to mistakenly believe the products contain white chocolate and has intentionally failed to correct the misimpressions,” the suit states. “The absence of any modifying term before or after ‘white’ renders the products misleading because consumers are not able to differentiate between white chocolate and cheaper substitutes like compound or confectionary coating made from vegetable oils when the term ‘white’ is applied to a product traditionally associated with chocolate.”

They’re not wrong, I guess. 

Reese’s customers do refer to the sweet treats as “white chocolate.” 

Some are going as far as to say that the treats are “heavenly.”

While others attribute their marriage to the tasty sweets.

In Hershey’s defense, Reese’s website describes the peanut butter cups as covered in “white creme” not white chocolate. 


White chocolate, white creme — seems like there’s a bit of a difference there. Or not, who knows. This entire argument is ridiculous.

Again, it’s not like anyone is going to lose sleep over this. 

Then again, this isn’t the first time The Hershey Co. has been sued over “white chocolate.”

On June 7th, chocolate lover Eva Rivas filed a class action lawsuit against The Hershey Co. alleging that their “white” Kit-Kats mislead consumers into thinking they’re eating actual chocolate.

This is why people roll their eyes at America. 

Apparently, Winston’s argument was similar to Rivas. 

She alleges that there’s a lack of cocoa butter in the candy bar, meaning there’s no white chocolate.

She even goes as far as to say that had she known the candy bar was made sans white chocolate, she wouldn’t have bought it.

White chocolate or not, they’re still delicious. 

See, everyone’s in love with Hershey’s pseudo white chocolate treats.

This Kit-Kat fan is willing to say they’re even better than the original. 

While this woman is dreaming about them.

Whether you’re a white chocolate fan or not, there’s only one thing we can learn from this story. We Americans apparently have way too much time on our hands.